This gives several examples, based on my practical experience, of Base and Sun Report Builder.

I am grateful for the explanations/examples provided by many in the Base forum and elsewhere

The examples are as follows
Using one list box to limit the values shown in a second
When a value is selected in the first list box the related macro modifies the sql in the second so that only those values relevant to the selected value are displayed for selection. Eg. The first list box is a selection of cities and the second is districts within each of those cities. So select Edinburgh in the City list box abnd the Disctict list box shows only Leith, Bromieknowe and Liberton.
Click on Sitemap and then Using one list box to limit values in a second or http://sites.google.com/site/brian4mswebsite/using-one-list-box-to-limit-the-values-shown-in-a-second
Book dealer
This is a subset of a database developed for a friend who has a part-time book dealing business.
There have been several posts in the Base Forum asking for samples. This can be treated as a sample.
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Sun Report Builder
Here I have developed a report to allow me to check I have input my golf scores.
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Portfolio database
This is an aspect of my Portfolio database where I want to add new transactions eg a buy, a dividend etc. I want to be able to record it against a company and to have running totals, updated when a transaction is added and/or modified.
Click on Sitemap and select Portfolio database or http://sites.google.com/site/brian4mswebsite/portfolio-database
Portfolio2 database
This is a development of the above. This allows filtering of the company by using a combo box to select a company and the underlying transactions are automatically loaded.
Click on Sitemap and select Portfolio2 database or http://sites.google.com/site/brian4mswebsite/portfolio2-database

Access data in a form/subform
One of the factors I found difficult with Base was to find out how to access data fields in a form/subform and to update them.

This pulls together my experiences in that area. The database has a number of forms (with subforms) showing how to access the varied fields (text, stings, integers, dates, list boxes and combo boxes). Then how to manilpulate the data once it has been retrieved. Examples include adding/multiplying data in a form, summing data etc.
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Add days to a date

This database was provided to demonstrate how to add days to an existing date. This was in response to a post http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=78000&sid=1677008b3769f1be6f72c8523c9a0a31 "Adding days to a date". Click on http://sites.google.com/site/brian4mswebsite/add-days-to-a-date