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This is used to refer to former Pakistani prime minister, Shaukat Aziz. Shortcut Aziz was working in Citibank management as a VP, when General Musharraf became the leader of Pakistan via a military coup. Shortly after the coup, Mr. Aziz personally offered his services to General Musharraf, who appointed him as the finance minister of Pakistan. He was later appointed as prime minister during the regime as a replacement for Jamali (known to BRFites as Mota Lota). This was widely seen as a move by Musharraf to please the US government by appointing someone that was acceptable to them. Oddly enough, Mr. Aziz still retained his US citizenship while he was prime minister of Pakistan, which made it unprecedented for a head of state to hold a citizenship of another country.

Shortcut Aziz was initially widely praised by the press during his tenure as prime minister, for turning the Pakistani economy around and showing some truly impressive growth rates. Unfortunately for him, smart BRF members trained in economics, quickly caught on to the fact that some of the figures didn't add up or make sense (a case of Madrassa Math) and started calling him "Shortcut" Aziz for this reason. This nickname was later picked up by the Pakistani press (further proof that some Paklurks are journalists), especially when it became clear that a lot of the figures were fudged. It is alleged that because of these manipulations, he was passed over for the job of CEO of Citibank, when he tried to rejoin Citibank after his stint as prime minister.

Shortcut Aziz is also infamous for one other reason. He is known to fancy himself as a ladies man and once famously tried to charm the then US secretary of state, Ms. Condoleezza Rice, but was spectacularly shot down and left a babbling mess. In a biography that describes the encounter:

Aziz "tried this Savile Row-suited gigolo kind of charm: ‘Pakistan is a country of rich traditions,’ staring in (Rice’s) eyes …When Rice sat down with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, who fancied himself as a ladies’ man, Aziz puffed himself up and held forth in what he obviously thought was his seductive baritone"

He bragged -- to Western diplomats, no less -- that he could conquer any woman in two minutes... There was this test of wills where he was trying to use all his charms on her as a woman, and she just basically stared him down … By the end of the meeting, he was babbling. The Pakistanis were shifting uncomfortably. And his voice visibly changed…”

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