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Shireen M. Mazari

Shireen M. Mazari is a Pakistani nationalistic writer, who was once the director general of P.I.S.S (which has since been renamed to I.S.S.I). Her writings tend to be outlandish and is often a source of hilarity among BRF members. Ms. Mazari has a weekly column at the Daily News, a division of The News International and this was the source of a weekly BRF game called "Bag the Hag", where the aim was to be the first person to post an excerpt from her latest ravings. Ms. Mazari was unceremoniously removed from her post at I.S.S.I during May 2008. She promptly blamed it on an American conspiracy. These days, she hangs her hat in Imran Khan's party, Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaaf. In Sept. 2009, she accepted the post of Editor of another Pakistani paper, The Nation, where she continues to publish her conspiracy theories. In November 2009, she accused a certain Wall Street Journal correspondent for South Asia as a "chief operative of CIA and Blackwater" and insinuated that he was a "Mossad agent" as well. In another article published in November 2009, she printed a photograph of "mysterious US nationals working for the CIA" being escorted by police. The "mysterious US national" turned out to be an award-winning Australian photojournalist working for Getty images. 

Ms. Mazari has accumulated a number of nicknames over the years:
  • Shireen - After her first name
  • Shrilleen - Because of her allegedly shrill tone
  • The Hag - Her weekly column on Defence Journal carries a picture of her taken from many years ago. When a more recent picture of her became available, she promptly acquired this nickname. A picture of her from a couple of years ago is attached to this entry.
  • Madame - At one time, she was called Madam Mazari by some BRF readers. This nickname proved strangely prophetic, when a few years later, a British Brigadier named Andrew Durcan, who was the military attache to Pakistan at that time, was abruptly recalled for having a sexual affair with a person from I.S.S.I, who was described as an academic. For a while, Ms. Mazari denied that her institute was involved, but then finally admitted that the Julliete in question was indeed her junior, Maria Kiani. As the matter was fully revealed, it emerged that the Brigadier had a long running affair with Maria Kiani and was once sent to the hospital utterly exhausted.
  • Jalebi / Jalebi Madam - This was because one of her famous rantings contained an a reference to how Jalebi vendors of Indian and Pakistani descent could co-exist in harmony in London and how they related to the state of India-Pakistan relations. This article caused many readers to  burst out into peals of laughter for weeks afterwards and she was nicknamed "Jalebi Madam" immediately. Ever since Ms. Mazari has been dismissed from P.I.S.S, some BRF readers have bestowed this nickname onto Marvi Memon.
  • Ann Coulter of Pakistan - This nickname appears to have been bestowed to her by Pakistanis. It appeared in print in a Daily Times (a.k.a. Daily Whines) article by Khalid Hassan (link to original article) and seems to have caught on. For example, she is referred to by this nickname in this article in an American website.
  • Lady Taliban - for her anti-American views. This nickname for her has been used by some Pakistani and US bloggers.
  • Tractor Trolley - This nickname was given to her by Defense Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Asif, (Link to article on Dawn: "Using derogatory language specifically targeting the PTI's chief whip Shireen Mazari, Asif pointed towards Mazari and said, "Someone make this tractor trolley keep quiet" when she and some other lawmakers protested to his speech on loadshedding during Ramazan.")
The recent picture of Dr. Mazari below, that is attached to this entry, has often been described as her attempt to grab someone's testicles. A second recent picture of her during a press conference is also attached to this entry. 

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