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Mullah Sandwich

Mullah Sandwich is the BRF nickname for Maulana Sami-ul Haq, a pakistani politician and religious figure. A mullah or maulana is a title used to denote a religious figure. Mullah Sandwich is a leader of a faction of JUI, an extremist Pakistani political party, and is known for his fiery speeches. His faction is known as the JUI (S) in order to distinguish it from JUI (F) which is led by Mullah Diesel. The origin of his nickname has to do with the fact that he was once caught naked in a compromising Sandwich position, in the company of a younger youth and another male. As a matter of fact, this nickname appears to have originated from Pakistan and was not invented by BRF members.

Mullah Sandwich is also known as the "Father of the Taliban", as it was in a religious school run by him, where the Taliban was founded. He still maintains close links to several Taliban figures and his seminary has often been referred to as the "University of Jihad".

Other Nicknames:
  • Maulana Sandwich
  • Sandwich Sammy - He has actually been described in Time Magazine and some Pakistani papers with this nickname.
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