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Irfan Husain

Irfan Husain is a Pakistani journalist, who writes articles for The Daily Whines and Yawn among other news papers. He is often referred to on BRF as Mad Maz, a play on the Mad Max character played by Mel Gibson. Sometimes he's also called Mad Mazdak. The reason for these nicknames has to do with the fact that early in his career, Mad Maz was a civil servant working in the Pakistani government and journalism was a side job for him then. Since he could not use his real name then, he used to publish articles under various pseudonyms such as Ferida Sher, Akbar Hussein, Abdul Ghani, Shakir Husain, Mazdak etc. The last pseudonym led to BRF members calling him Mad Maz or Mad Mazdak. Since retiring from his civil service position, Mad Maz is now using his real name in his articles.

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