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Bulbuddin Ghusaomatyaar

This is a BRF nickname for the notorious Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The origin of this nickname had to do with a news article that was posted in the BENIS thread about a Pakistani who had to be taken to the hospital with an intact light bulb stuffed in his rectum (complete with an X-ray image). Shortly after that article was posted, someone started to refer to Hekmatyar with the new nickname and it caught on.

For those who don't get the humor, the name Bulbuddin is a made-up one by concatenating the word "Bulb", with "uddin", which is a common suffix in many Pakistani and Afghan names. The word Ghusao is Hindi/Urdu for "insert" or "shove", mat is the word for "don't" and yaar is the word for "friend" or "buddy". Therefore Ghusaomatyaar translates to "don't insert that, buddy" or "don't shove that, buddy".

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