A Portrait of the Average BRFite

This profile reflects the average BRFite, from observations made by the editor, based on online posts and real life meetings. The profile may or may not be entirely correct and any observations and conclusions made are the editor's own, and may not reflect reality.

General Appearance
The overwhelming majority of BRFites are male, though the site does have a few female members. Most of the regularly posting members are past the age of twenty and teen behavior is generally not encouraged on the forum. The average BRFite has an intelligent look about him and quite a few sport mustaches and/or beards. Most of the membership are working professionals and some are retirees.

This varies widely. Since the majority of BRFites are working professionals, they generally tend to dress in semi-professional westernized clothes, when seen in public. Many are averse to complete suits, but will happily wear collared shirts and dress pants. Quite a few of them belong to the t-shirt, jeans and sneakers brigade as well. Some BRFites are known to wear lungis at home, though none are known to have indulged in Lungi Dances.

This is what sets BRF apart from most other forums of its type. Most of its members are well educated. Nearly all its active posting membership have a college degree, or are in the process of getting one. Several members hold advanced degrees (MS, MBA, PhD etc.) and many have been known to publish papers in various journals. This is why discussions on BRF tend to be fairly detailed and technical in nature, especially in engineering, medical, financial, mathematical, physics and chemistry discussions. Some members facetiously claim to hold a PhD in "Technology Strategy."

As can be gauged by their education levels, most BRFites tend to work in Scientific, Engineering, Medical, Mathematical and Economic fields. Some BRF members teach in well known colleges around the world and many others are researchers in various institutions and companies. Quite a few members are in management positions. People who currently serve in the Indian military usually do not post in the forum, although they are known to peruse through the content. A few members are known to be retired military. In addition, some posters are journalists.

Quite a few members are vegetarian, but there are several meat-eaters on the forum as well. Many members are not averse to a good alcholic drink as well. Major American beer brands like Budweiser and Coors are scorned, but American micro-brews and stronger beers from around the world are much esteemed. There is a dedicated food thread where members trade recipes with each other and discuss restaurants.

Gender and Ethnicity
The overwhelming majority of the members are male. Most of the posters are Indian citizens or people of Indian descent. Of those holding citizenships of other countries, most are first generation immigrants. There are also some American, Russian, Israeli, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Swedish, German etc. members. 

Religious discussions are generally forbidden on the forum, due to flamewars. Predictably, the forum contains many Hindus, but there are also Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jains etc. Quite a number of the members are agnostics or atheists.

Geographic Distribution
Most members are from India, North America or Europe. Membership tends to cluster around big cities or university towns, since many BRFites are working professionals or researchers. There are also some members from Australia. The Middle-east, South America and Africa are under-represented.

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