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This website is intended to be a companion to the popular BR Forums website (otherwise known as BRF). New visitors to the BRF website are often confounded by a number of terms that are unfamiliar to them, especially visitors not of East Indian descent. As it happens, there is quite a culture at the BR forums dedicated to inventing new words and thus, it is hard for even the long time members to keep up with the latest terminology. The aim of this website is to provide a companion dictionary / glossary, to provide a greater understanding of BR culture and humor. In some cases, we will attempt to even trace the etymological history leading up to why certain words are used the way they are on BRF's site.

Contributions/corrections to this glossary are always welcome. Since new words are being invented all the time, this website will always remain a work in progress. Without much further ado, let's plunge into this compendium.

For first time visitors, here's a Pronunciation Guide to get things rolling. After reading this guide, feel free to browse the glossary itself.

For a general portrait of the average poster on the forum, we have A Portrait of an Average BRFite.

As always, this lexicon would not survive without an excellent set of contributors, to whom this editor is eternally grateful.