A presentation of the water quality data and other information related to ponds in Brewster, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Use the navigation menu to the left to explore our site.

Overall Water Quality in Brewster Ponds

    Review of the volunteer data from 29 Brewster ponds monitored between 2001 and 2007 indicates that 24 of the ponds have average dissolved oxygen concentrations that fail to attain minimum state regulatory thresholds in at least one sampling station.

    Review of other ecological factors show that all of the ponds except for Higgins have at least one station where the average concentration exceeds the Cape Cod ponds 1.7 ppb chlorophyll a standard. All of the ponds except for Higgins, Little Cliff, Sheep, Slough, and Greenland have at least one station where the average total phosphorus exceeds the Cape Cod ponds 10 ppb standard. These same ponds also are the only ponds where average concentrations
at all stations are less than the Cape Cod ponds 0.31 ppm total nitrogen standard.

    The fact that the nutrient lists and the dissolved oxygen lists are not the same reinforces the need to review and  understand the individual characteristics of each pond. Review of total nitrogen to total phosphorus ratios show that all ponds are phosphorus limited, which means that management of phosphorus will be the key for determining water quality in these ponds. It also means that reductions in phosphorus will have to be part of any remediation plans.


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