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 “Brew Meisters” Toastmasters Ferment a New Club in Brea

(December 4, 2011) The first organizational meeting for Brew Meisters, a new club forming in Brea at the Total Wine Tasting Room (location), got off to a great start with club mentors Ed Smith and Donald Herrera and club sponsors Randy Garcez and Silvia Swigert.  Special guest Mike Pehl of Total Wine gave a humorous and educational presentation comparing old world (Czech and German, 10th century and up) vs. new world (U.S.) pilsner (lager) brewing methods and history. The meeting tested the format of a traditional Toastmasters meeting with a manual speech by Silvia, “Barley’s Angels: Toastmasters and Beer” about the role of women brewers in the craft beer industry.  Mike then conducted the educational segment with four taste comparisonsThe tasting was followed by a table topics session led by Donald,featuring questions about humorous beer commercials, such as “what does the ‘most interesting man in the world’ drink when he’s not drinking Dos Equis (XX)?”