Adam Brouwer Berchoven

The Life of Adam Brouwer

Adam Brouwer Berchoven

Born: About 1620.  Cologne, Germany.
Parents: Unknown
Died: About November 1692.  Brooklyn, Long Island, New York.
Magdalena Jacobs Verdon
Banns: March 19, 1645.  New Amsterdam DRC. (MDC:13)
Marriage: March 21, 1645.  New Amsterdam, New Netherlands. (CDNY XIV:70)


1) Pieter Brouwer
Baptized: September 23, 1646.  New Amsterdam DRC. (BDC:21)

2) Matthys Brouwer 
Baptized: May 30, 1649. New Amsterdam DRC. (BDC:26)

3) Willem Brouwer
Baptized: March 5, 1651.  New Amsterdam DRC. (BDC:?)

4) Maria Brouwer
Baptized: June 4, 1653.  New Amsterdam DRC. (BDC:34)

5) Jacobus Brouwer
Birth about 1655.  Probably in Gowanus, Long Island.

6) Fytie Brouwer
Birth: About 1658.  Probably in Gowanus, Long Island.

7) Helena Brouwer
Baptized: October 31, 1660.  Brooklyn DRC. (Brkn:144)

8) Adam Brouwer Jr.
Baptized: May 18, 1662.  Brooklyn DRC. (Brkn:162)

9) Aeltje Brouwer
Birth: About 1664.  Probably Gowanus, Long Island.

10) Anna Brouwer
Birth: About 1666.  Probably Gowanus, Long Island.
Anna is often placed last in birth order. Adam's will appears to list
his daughters in birth order and places Anna between Helena and Sara.

11) Sara Brouwer
Birth: About 1668.  Probably Gowanus, Long Island.

12) Abraham Brouwer
Birth: About 1670.  Probably Gowanus, Long Island.
Hoffman shows him being baptized May 18, 1662.  I believe this is wrong.  According to Bergen's list of Brooklyn Baptism's, this is the date that Adam Jr., was baptized.  Need to check Brkn or BDC).

13) Nicholaes Brouwer
Baptized: April 16, 1672.  New York DRC. (BDC:105)

14) Rachel Brouwer
Birth: About 1674.  Probably Gowanus, Long Island.