Adam Brouwer Genealogy


  • Traditional genealogy on Adam Brouwer and his descendants.


  • Pedigrees for Family Tree DNA Brewer Project members.
  • Discussion of the deep ancestry of Adam Brouwer.
  • Information on DNA testing for genealogy.



Steve Brewer 

Last Updated: 02/27/2008

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Added DNA project results

Added census records for descendants of Adam brouwer and Maria Koning

      Welcome to my Adam Brouwer genealogy site.  This site includes both traditional genealogical research as well as genetic genealogy.  Most of my research will follow my personal line but I will be adding information on other lines as time goes on.  I am descended from Adam to Peter to Abraham to Daniel to John, out of New York to New Jersey to Pennsylvania then on to Kentucky.

     I'm also a member of the Family Tree DNA Brewer Project and will be hosting the pedigrees of those participants that descend from Adam Brouwer.  I highly recommend having your DNA tested to verify your paper trail to Adam or to help break through that brick wall.  The more Adam Brouwer descendants tested, the easier it will be to differentiate the various male Brewer lines.  Check my DNA page if you want to find out how it works.

     Please let me know what you think.  Any suggestions or corrections are welcome.  I hope you enjoy my site.

Steve Brewer