The Brewer DNA Project uses Y-DNA test results to identify family groups of genetically related living male participants through their matching haplotypes (genetic signatures). These signatures are provided by Kit number and color code for genetically related family groups under the tab Y-RESULTS at  Brewer DNA Project   DNA testing can show a definite relationship exists between two or more males and that they share a common ancestor within genealogical time spans, but not with whom or when.  Documented genealogical pedigrees add the missing information.  The two sets of data (paper trail and DNA results) compliment and support one another.  On this site we provide listings of Descendant Submitted Pedigrees for each of the family groups identified to date.  Names of the participants are not included. Names of persons born after 1904 are not included. No additional research or verification of the submitted pedigrees has been done by the administrators of the Brewer DNA Project.