Group Poetry + Social Networking

In this assignment we will be creating group poems. We will use class time to learn about different types of poetry and grading for the assignment. This website is to outline the steps for creating the poem in your groups entirely online and to share with the class. Please post any questions about the assignment online using our Google Circle (Part 1). Have fun working together and I look forward to seeing your completed poems.

Part 1 - Google+

You will need a google account (gmail) in order to participate. This is free. If you already have an account then you are ready to go. Use the link for Google Plus to sign in or create an account (Join Google+). 

Part 2 - Google Circles
1. Language Arts Class Circle
I will create a Language Arts Circle that will include the entire class. You will need to post your poem ideas in the class circle. In this circle you will share questions, interesting websites related to the project, and project ideas for your group. This is where we can help each other in figuring out the direction of your project and making sure you understand what to do. If you have a general idea, question, something interesting to share, and then final project details - this is where you share it. If you have something specific to ask your group or details about your group's poem - then share it in your group project circle (see below).

2. Group Project Circle 
You will need to create a circle for the class poetry project that includes only your group members and me (Mr. Bretz - if you don't include me than I can't give feedback, answer questions, or give you a grade for this portion). In this circle you will share your ideas for the group and talk through the details that the rest of the class doesn't need to be involved in. You can even create the entire poem in this circle by posting your line, editing suggestions, picture ideas, etc.

Creating Your Group Circle
Creating your group project circle is easy to do since everyone has a Google account. Follow these steps to create your circle for the group. If you have any questions or problems setting it up after school post to our class circle.

I. Sign in to Google+.
II. Click on the Circles icon in the tool bar on the left side of the page.
III. On the top of the page there is a search bar that says "Type a name".
IV. Type in the names of the people in your group plus me to add to your contacts.
V. Drag your group members (+ me) in to the open circle under the people that says "Drop here to create a circle".
VI. Title your circle - LA Group Poem, Poetry Group, Poetry, etc.

Part 3 - VoiceThread

We will be using VoiceThread, an online system that allows you to create digital presentations to share with others, to create our final project for the group poem.

1. Log In to Voice Thread
You can use your gmail account to log in, no additional username and password needed.

2. Create VoiceThread for Group Poem
We will do this in class. You will create a voicethread for the group to create your visual group poem.

Part 4 -
This is where we will post our VoiceThread poems to share with the class. I have create a class wall to post your poems and to comment on the class poems.

Use the link to the class online wall to post your VoiceThread and comment on the other group poems. Make sure to sign in, use your gmail account (once again, no need for another username and password). When you post make sure it has your name on the top of the post, if it says anonymous that means you're not signed in.