I am currently a Senior Scientist at DigitalGlobe, Inc. in their R&D group, DG Labs, which does research toward next generation products in high-resolution satellite imaging. I work on a wide variety of projects including image analysis and data fusion, large-scale inverse problems in bathymetry and atmospheric compensation, and parallel computations for large geodetic networks.
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Research Interests

  • Optimization algorithms
  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Tensor factorizations applied to data mining
  • C/C++/Matlab code optimization
  • Applications in imaging science, text analysis, machine learning, and modeling & simulation

Selected Papers

Selected Presentations

  • Bathymetry using WorldView-2 imagery (SIAM Annual Meeting, 2013)
  • Algebraic Techniques for Multilingual Document Clustering, presented at Google, January 25, 2011 (Google Tech Talk posted on YouTube)


  • MATLAB Tensor Toolbox - Higher-order operations and algorithms for multidimensional arrays
  • Trilinos - A collection of packages for high performance computations
  • NOX - A C++ nonlinear solver package (in Trilinos)


  • Multilingual Document Clustering