Exposing Cyber Bullies - By Brett Keane

A Collection of Cyber Bullies who Stalk, Harass, intimidate, abuse you tube false flagging system, Haters, Thieves (Recorded Evidence for Legal Purposes and Evidence)
The Site is made to educate Google and You Tube about users abusing their video site. Also to help users or new people to the site to beware of these criminals.
Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass. The definition of "harassment" must meet the criterion that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress. Cyberstalking is different from spatial or offline stalking, however it sometimes leads to it, or is accompanied by it.

Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Assaults, Threats, Slander!



TheAmazingAtheist (aka getting anal with fruit)
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalkers Ring makes Slander, Threats, Cyber Terrorism (Legal Documentation)
TheAmazingAtheist Interview: Atheist Scum United (Gang of Atheists Trolls who Kill Channels and Slander People)
TheAmazingAtheist - When Speech Isn't Free (TJ Robs people for thousands of dollars)
TheAmazingAtheist Making Threats & Racial Remarks at My Family -
Horrid Video where TJ Fails to hide his voice!
TheAmazingAtheist Response to Racism   This is his response when he was exposed for the disgusting video

Coughlan (aka lifeapeach)
Click pics below and watch vids of this bully

  Coughlan telling people they should die...great guy for sure.

Cyber Bully Coughlan and Abusive Friends Attacking Thunderf00t Unprovoked
Coughlan Drops Thunderf00ts Docs He gave docs to an extremist Muslim
Coughlan616 Accusing You Tubers of Pedophilia Rape accusations are horrible
Coughlan616 aka Coughlan000 aka permanent banned Coughlan666 - Bully Who Attacks People For Money and Subs
Coughlan616 is a Racist - Proof Here! (So much hate it's almost to hateful to watch)
Coughlan Admits Attacking Pat Condell, Thunderf00t and Myself for MONEY (Money is the Root of all Evil?)
Court Evidence - Coughlan attacking My Wife Dawnkeanewins
Court Evidence - Coughlan Making Death Threats On Video
Court Evidence - Cyber Bully Laughs at my Account being False Flagged
Coughlan Making Filthy Porn Pictures and sites about Thunderf00t
Coughlan616 and other critics
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Ring Attacks Thunderf00t and Brett Keane (Legal Documentation)

Federalistfilms Threatening Users and Claiming Thunderf00t Should be Executed
StraightD0pes Best friend FederalistFilms Caught E-begging

Court Evidence - Cyber Stalking is a Felony (Why FF Closed Account & RUNS from the LAW)
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Idolizes Mass Murderers like Adolf Hitler
No surprise that S.H. and Fedfilms began attacking Pat Condell, Thunderf00t, and Myself when their buddies Straightd0pe and Coughlan gave the command.
Talk about a black out. Claims he was abused but the only abuse we see is what he does upon others. More Evidence coming on the character soon. Putting together
a legal case against this person.


Abusivewithnumbers Makes False Accusations and Threats
 Was reported to You Tube. Makes Tons of Sock Accounts and nasty videos. When he lost channels he made this nasty video. Claims he will sue users for reporting his abusive behavior to you tube. I have an abundance of evidence on this user that he false flags and slanders people. He hates the User Thunderf00t and has said that TF deserves whatever Muslims do to him. More to come.

I've video recorded every channel he has made attacking me. Since he lives in USA it will be easier to have him in court. Here is just a tid bit of what he will go to jail for
Evidence Napalm is Stalking Me, Flagging, and Slander
Animal loving Inmendhams Best buddy Cavedweller Accusing people of Wife and Mother Beating then hopes Animals die
User has made several channels attacking many people including my wife and friends. This is not a stable person. Friends with animal loving Inmendham.
Coughlans Cavedweller admits False Flagging
Court Evidence - User Accuses Me of Beating my Dead Mother My Mother has been dead for almost 10 years. This was sick.
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Threats, Slander, and Identity Theft (Legal Court Documentation)

Likes to call children fags. Called my 12 year old son a fag on Google plus. Proof below. Has tons of accounts. Homophobic racist who spams my channels, face book,
 and other sites. Threatens people.Tons of screen shot of this deranged person attacking users and dropping personal info. Also he has a pretty big rap sheet.

Devinhell Slanders and Threatens JDUB
Tons of screen shots coming of this guy making threats towards users. His girlfriend Peach is quite the hater as well. She will be added later.


Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker/Bully Makes Threats and Slander (Shredded with Felony Charges)
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Makes False Accusations/Slander in Public
Deranged Lunatic Comes into a public Forum and Slanders users. Ends up getting yelled at for the abusive behavior by the Moderator.-

Loves to slander and encourage audience to attack and harass user Video Here
Shred even admits that dubs asked him to leave him alone and disabled comments. But you can see on twitter where the bully won't stop his obsessive behavior. User attacks my wife on twitter which is all documented. I have so many videos and recordings of this guy raving on like a lunatic at Thunderf00t and Pat Condell. He started in on them when he noticed his buddy coughlan was gaining views and subs from attacking users on you tube. Another demented person wanting success at the expense of others. Lots more soon on this stalker.

Pic here

xderangedx Admits to stalking, false flagging, brags about banning Innocent users
She was originally best buddies with Amazingatheist. He quickly dropped her when he realized she could not keep his secrets about hurting users. She is an admitted meth head. Her and her friends started the whole false accusations. Watch the AmazingAtheist ASU video. You will see her in action hurting people.

Coughlans Friend Praising His Attacks and False Flagging Assault
Court Evidence - Exposing A Cyber Stalker Rings Agenda
Has made over 10 videos talking hateful abusive trash towards my wife, myself, and friends. She just seems like
 she needs you tube users to stalk and to hate. She should receive papers from the court soon. Destination Jail.

Court Evidence - RavingNuts Threatens and Slanders Wife and Myself
User Likes to attack my Wife's channel. She blocked him but he makes sock accounts. She never replies to stalker.
Court Evidence - Rave False Accusations and Slander Part 2
Accuses people of child molestation. Very serious allegations. The judge will need him to explain this.
Court Evidence - Cyber Stalker Makes Threats and Slander (He Commits a Fatal Error Felony)

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