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I created this site as a means of displaying any of the couple hundred pictures i might take in any given week. If i ever stop being so lazy, i'll eventually create some sort of webpage/gallery thing that would be a little cooler than this, but for now you'll just have to enjoy this lame photo blog thing. For image desrcriptions, high res images, or questions, email me at Check back soon!

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 10/20/06 Road Trip

10/29/06 Arches and Indian Creek, UT

 11/18/06 - 12/05/06 Togwotee and Teton Pass entries

12/18/06 - 01/15/07 Grand Teton National Park, JHMR, Amphitheater Lake



Jackson Hole Ski Bums

Wilderness Medicine Institute


4/10-14/07 Yellowstone National Park





03/24/07  Teton Pass


 03/06/07 Craziness in Cody Bowl!

Skied with Chris and Adub in Cody Bowl today. The plan was for Chris and Adub to ski Central Couloir on Cody (one of the rowdiest lines outside of the ski area) while I shot stills and video taped. To make a long story short, Chris took a tumble at the exit of the chute, took a knee to the face and dislocated his shoulder. He was pretty banged up by the time we got to him, so we called the patrol, and Chris got a helicopter ride down the mountain. It was a pretty intense experience, but we're all glad that Chris is OK and not seriously injured (sorry no pics of the rescue or the heli).

Check out Chris' headcam footage at:












02/19/07 JHMR

Powder! (finally...)











02/14/07 Yellowstone National Park by Snowmobile

It's been a while since i've put anything up here. The snow was not falling for a while there in January, then i got deathly ill for about 2 weeks. Luckily i got better just in time for my uncle to come visit. We ended up going snowmobiling in Yellowstone on my birthday. I know that human travel vs. mechanized travel in Yellowstone during the winter is a fairly controversial issue, and i could probably write a couple paragraphs on it, but i'll just say that we had a good time and got to see some pretty cool stuff.