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Different Scandals in Baseball

     The purpose of the research study was to (1) compare the different scandals that have occurred and the different ways of cheating in the sport of baseball, (2) research the Steroid Era and the players that have their name associated with it, and (3) look at the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and explain how the purposes have an affect on being considered a Hall of Fame player using the Rule 5 Character Clause Hall of Fame entrance criteria.

     The research questions for this study were the following:

1.               What constitutes being considered a scandalous player in baseball?

2.               Who in Major League Baseball history is considered a scandalous player,

     A) Already in the Hall of Fame,

     B) Not in the Hall of Fame.

     The review of literature in relationship to the research purpose and research questions are divided into the following sections: (1) Different Types of Scandals/Ways of Cheating In Baseball, (2) Players That Were Involved in Different Scandals, (3) Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Entrance Qualifications, (4) How the Hall of Fame Voting Committee Has Not Had Consistency in Their Voting, and (5) Current Hall of Famers' Opinions.

     Previously it was said that proving (1) there are current scandalous players in the Hall of Fame, (2) there are current scandalous players not in the Hall of Fame but their actions merit reference, and (3) there are current scandalous players that are still waiting to be inducted into the Hall of Fame is paramount to the objective of the thesis.  This was accomplished by answering the research questions posted in Chapter 1.