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  1. Electronic media has evolved since the days when Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were playing.  Back in that era the sports writers and fans did not make public any indiscretions or misdeeds by the players; in society today the news of any slip-ups by the players gets “Tweeted” or put on YouTube within minutes of it occurring making headline news across the world.

  2. Not all of the Hall of Fame voters vote when they receive the ballot which may either increase or decrease certain players vote percentage (75% is the minimum to be elected).


  1. Some of the shameful acts done by Major League Baseball players were left out because they did not satisfy the “scandal/cheating” qualifications relevant to the topic at hand.

  2. None of the current Hall of Fame members have been interviewed regarding their opinion on how to handle current players in the Hall of Fame that have not lived up to the Rule 5 Character Clause standard.  Only their opinions (found in published articles across the Internet and in magazines) on how to handle the current players (recently retired or still playing) that have not lived up to the Character Clause are being used.