Tree Dedications

November 6, 2010

A smoke tree is dedicated on the east side of the park near Arroyo Seco in memory of L.L. Lankford

Donated by his wife of more than 70 years, Margaret Lankford

Mr. Lankford grew up in Thorndale (Milam County) and met Margaret at a country dance there. They married and moved to Austin. The Lankfords bought their home in the neighborhood in September of 1951. Here they raised a son, Roger, who will turn 70 years old on the day of the tree planting. L.L. worked at the City power plants for 30 years. He was a member of Rosedale Baptist Church. He loved the outdoors and plants, and could often be found working in his yard. A loving and devoted husband, father and grandfather, Mr. Lankford passed away 2 and half years ago at the age of 94. Mrs. L
ankford has fond memories of playing with their two grandchildren (now also both grown) in Brentwood Park.

A pecan tree is dedicated on the south side of the park near the pool in honor of Finnigan Landry Holt
Donated by his parents, Michele and Jack Holt

The Holts were inspired to dedicate a tree because they love Brentwood Park. They bought a house right across the street from it and Brentwood Park is a daily part of their lives. Michele says that mama and daddy want to always be able to walk over to the park and think of their son – even if he’s grown and miles away, while Finn says he wants to harvest pecans from “his” tree!

A Mexican sycamore tree is dedicated in the central area of the park near the playground in honor of Ruby Josephine Airhart

Donated by her neighbors, Nancy Yelle and Emily Wilson

The donors stress the importance of establishing trees to replace the mature ones in the park so that future generations of children can enjoy the park even in the summer sun. Emily says, “Ruby is my inspiration because as a child she represents that future generation who will benefit from renewing the trees.” Ruby, now two years old, enjoys the outdoors and gardening and likes to play at the park.

An American elm tree is dedicated in the central area of the park in honor of Lynnette Alley

Donated by her neighbors, Susan Burneson, Michele Holt, Karen Lorenzini and Hedrich Michaelsen

Lynnette was a volunteer docent at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for 10 years and has a garden that is an amazing butterfly magnet. She has a particular affection for the common hackberry tree, which is an extraordinary source of nourishment for wildlife. It is a native larval host plant for Hackberry Emperor butterflies, and at least 10 species of birds including robins, mockingbirds, and other songbirds eat the sweetish fruits. Lynnette is soft-spoken but highly knowledgeable and has been a regular contributor on the Crestview Gardeners email list and at neighborhood plant swaps. She single-handedly planted and maintains a small grove of saplings along the arroyo near the IGA store. She's lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years.

A pecan tree is dedicated in the east area of the park in memory of Chris Noffsinger
Donated by his friends and neighbors on Dartmouth Avenue: Susan and Rob Burneson, Cheryl Goveia and Greg Cumpton, Diane & Howard Bennett, Diane & Fernando Gorchs, Evangeline & Rob Herring, Billie Herron, Debora Morris, Gregg Tatum, Michelle Andrews & Clark Cornwell

The oldest of three children, Chris grew up on Dartmouth Avenue in Crestview, graduated from McCallum High School and attended Texas Tech. Like many neighborhood teenagers, he worked at Crestview Minimax IGA and Little Deli. He passed away unexpectedly at the age of 27 on April 3, 2010. He was a good neighbor and will be remembered for his positive energy, friendliness, and his love of politics and music from a very young age. Chris served as a legislative page for Rep. Elliott Naishtat and performed with longtime friends in the band Dry County. A CD by the group features Chris on guitar and vocals and five of his songs. He loved nature, and it seemed fitting to his neighbors to dedicate a tree in his memory, as part of the Friends of Brentwood Park tree planting project.

A pecan tree is dedicated in the east area of the park in memory of Eugene Bushacker and honor of Evangeline Bushacker

Donated by friend and neighbor, Lynnette Alley

This family was one of the original residents of the Crestview Neighborhood and lived in the same home until the death of Eugene and Evangeline moved to assisted living in San Marcos. Eugene and Evangeline were good neighbors who offered warm friendships to many. Lynette chose to dedicate this tree to the Bushackers to express her appreciation of their stories of how Crestview began with unpaved streets and no trees, and how it blossomed over the years.

Lynnette told us after the event: "Four generations of Evangeline's family helped to plant her tree.  Evangeline, her two children, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  They were all so pleased that her tree is a Pecan and is in a part of the park that is closest to her house where she used to live."

A Mexican white oak is dedicated in the east area of the park in memory of Liz Yargo Grafe
Donated by friend, Monte H. Smith

Liz fought a long and brave battle against cancer and demonstrated a great faith in her God. She was loving and concerned for others to the end and encouraged everyone she met.

A Mexican sycamore is dedicated in the central area of the park near the playground in memory of Madeleine May and in
honor of Alaina May

Donated by parents, Richard and Kelli May

Madeleine May was the May family's first daughter who died on the day of her birth, March 5, 2007. The tree will carry her memory. Her little sister, Alaina May, was born on August 15, 2008. Alaina will be able to compare her point in life through the growth of the tree. The tree symbolizes the eternal spirit of both girls as it flourishes in Brentwood Park.

A Mexican white oak is dedicated in the north area of the park near the trail in memory of John Sundberg
Donated by his friend and neighbor, Ann Rayborn

John was a great neighbor and watchful friend who lived on Brentwood Avenue most of his life and in the neighborhood since birth.

A Mexican white oak is dedicated in the west area of the park in memory of Charles W. Peyton
Donated by his friend, Darlene Hernandez

A Mexican white oak is dedicated in the west area of the park near the intersection of Vallejo and Yates in memory of Grace Marie Teixeira Ramsey
Donated by her parents, Carol and Sean Ramsey

The Ramseys are new residents to Brentwood and live near the park. Carol says of the park, "It is a special place for kids and reminds me to be present with them and enjoy my time with them. I love that the neighborhood is taking care of the park. This is a special neighborhood. We've only been here about 3 months, but we feel very much at home."

A Mexican white oak tree is dedicated in the east area of the park in honor of the Freng Family

Donated by the Freng Family

A pecan tree is dedicated in the east area of the park in memory of Milton "Pee Pop" Gebhard

Donated by the Freng Family and the Samuelson Family

Mr. Gebhard was a great neighbor to the Frengs and Samuelsons, and was the children's "adopted" grandparent. The Frengs' son could not say "Gebhard" when he was first learning to speak 13 years ago. Instead it came out as "Pee Pop" and the nickname stuck. Mr. Gebhard first came to the neighborhood in 1959.

A Mexican white oak tree is dedicated on the west side of the park in honor of Jose David Shepperd
Donated by his parents, Ann and Juan Shepperd

The Shepperds love the idea of the tree planting project as a way to give tothe community. They look forward to bringing Jose to the park to see his tree grow.

An American elm tree is dedicated in the central area of the park near the playground in honor of Vernon Bruce
Donated by his niece, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Wendy says: "My mom is Australian and I was born in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia.  My parents met when my dad was on R&R during WWII. He went back after the war, they married and we moved back to dad's hometown, New Orleans, when I was 6 years old.  Uncle Vern was the superintendent of Wattle Park in Melbourne for about 50 years and truly loved caring for nature.  Planting this tree in his honor is a wonderful way to honor his legacy and how he loved sharing with people nature's seasonal beauty and how important it is for us to be stewards of it's many gifts."