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Updated 16 September 2015

For a copy of the Brenner Family Updates
send an email to BrennerFamilyHistory@gmail.com

The Brenner Family Updates are done every year in July.  Copies are available through email.

The Brenner Family Updates contain corrections and additions to The Brenner Story, including births, engagements, marriages, and deaths.  Also, Family gatherings, reunions, stories and anecdotes are provided.

New Pictures:

Mary Brenner - which one
From Steve Dippel: 
 I have a picture that my grandpa Frank Dippel (1895-1981) took (see above).  It is labeled Mary Brenner; she would have been a cousin to my grandpa and lived in Evansville/St. Philip area.  
Do you know this Mary, or have any of the information on her? I'd be interested in her birth, death dates, and family information (so I can tie her picture to a person in my tree).

Franz Brenner and his wife Margaretha Folz
Photo courtesy of Stephen Dippel who may have acquired it from his Aunt Fronie Ludwig
No date of when the picture was taken; however, it was take by Feay Photography in Evansville, Indiana.

Catherine "Katie" Brenner Marx, 
Daughter of Karl Brenner and Eva Schiff
Spouse of Peter Marx
Photo courtesy of Rose Mockler

The Brenner Story from Deidesheim to Midwest USA

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Brenner Coat of Arms
If you would like a free copy of the Coat of Arms from The Brenner Story, send an email to BrennerFamilyHistory@gmail.com

A Coat of Arms may be purchased directly from House of Names.  Their website is at http://www.houseofnames.com.  They have various products - mugs, key chains.  If you use them, make sure to select the German name Brenner and not the English name.   The colors for the Brenner Coat of Arms are Blue and Gold.

FREE List of the Brenner Relatives from the Index in The Brenner Story
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Click to download. 5-PeopleIndex543-604.docx

 To receive the DropBox link  to download the free electronic version of The Brenner Story, send an email to BrennerFamilyHistory@gmail.com.

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Allen County Library, Ft.Wayne, IN (2 sponsors);  

Belleville Library - St. Clair County Genealogy Society (1 sponsor - Melvin Ehrstein);  

David L Rice Library - USI  (2 sponsors);  

Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT (3 Sponsors);  

Jasper Library, Jasper, IN (Sponsored by Fr. Ray Brenner);  

Illinois State LIbrary (2 sponsors);  Indiana State Library ( 3 sponsors);  

Kansas State Library (2 sponsors-NWMOGS);  

Willard Library, Evansville, IN  (10 Sponsors);  

Wisconsin Historical Society (1);

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