* UPDATE on The Brenner Story

Due to pending litigation, 

The Brenner Updates  and all further research of the Brenner family have been put on hold.

It has come to my attention that The Brenner Story is being distributed, both electronically and physically, without authorization.  The author entered into a contract with a bookbinding company for the printing, binding and distribution of The Brenner Story.  Unfortunately, members of the Brenner family posted on social media sites, including Facebook, copies of sections of The Brenner Story, and advertised for free distribution of the book.  This is in violation of the contract between the author and the bookbinding company and in violation of Copyright Law.

Until this legal matter can be resolved, no more research or publications will be done.
It is sad that selfish family members have needlessly caused this legal matter, costing the author an inordinate amount of her time and money.  No profit was made off the sale of the book, or the reunion.
Cheryl Herrmann, author of The Brenner Story