* UPDATE on The Brenner Story

Updated 19 July 2014

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Corrections to the book:

Page 128:     1.1c. Kathryn Buedel Lemond is not the President & CEO at Shoe Carnival.

Page 133:     Wyatt Alan Neale 1.1c.   Jonathan D. Neale's name is repeated for his son's name Wyatt Alan Neale.

Page 193:  Add Olivia Fairchild, 1.1c. daughter of Melanie Koressel and Patrick Fairchild

Page 240:     1.1c. -- Rose Mary Brenner, Larry Breivogel's birthday is  August 5, 1938,  Evansville, IN

Page 490:     1.1c. Catherline Louise Chapman, should be Catherine (without the l).

Page 490:     spouse of 1.1c.  Bob Leon Chapman:  His birth name is Bobby Leon Chapman;   His birth place is Delhi, Richland Parish, LA, not Richland County.


Kelsey Hoehn (1.1c. married Dustin Boyer: Pg 205

Mark Conklin (1.1a. married Allison Croft on July 9, 2011, in Washington, Connecticut

Benjamin Herrmann (1.1c. married MaKenzie Weintraut on May 1, 2013, in Evansville, Indiana

Engaged:  Andrew Herrmann (1.1c. engaged to Margaret Mitchell, marriage to be in Oct 2014.


Graham Donald Weil, 1.1c.2,., b. 17 February 2014, (son of Joseph Weil and Emily Kuhr) 


Astrid Elle Herrmann, b. 21 November 2013, Evansville, IN, (daughter of Benjamin Herrmann and MaKenzie Weintraut-Herrmann)

Emma Diane Clark,b. 12 July 2012, Newburgh, IN, (daughter of Morgan Clark)

Grant Gansman, b. October 2012, (son of Julie Buedel and Allen Gansman)

Wyatt Paul Koch, b. 9 July 2012, Newburgh IN, (son of Jenny Effinger and Mark Koch)

Peyton Elizabeth Conklin, b. March 9, 2011, bp: Charlottesville, VA, (daughter of Shannon Crites and Gregory Conklin)

Noah Leo Luigs, b. December 28, 2012 bp: Evansville, IN, (son of Nicole Elpers and Eric Luigs)

Savanna Rachele Ehrmann, b. June 6, 2011 bp: Warminster, PA, (daughter of  Anne and Jon Ehrmann)

Brooke Alexis Ehrmann, b. June 28, 2013 bp: Langhorne, PA, (daughter of  Anne and Jon Ehrmann)

Jackson Edward Conklin, b. August 3, 2013 bp: Charlottesville, VA, (son of  Shannon and Gregory Conklin)

Elise Maryann Conklin, b. November 19, 2013, bp. Hagerstown, MD, (daughter ofMichael Conklin and Caitlin Geartz)

Ivy Angel Davenport  1.1c., b. 27 Apr 2013, (daughter of Robert Davenport and Faith Nixon) 

Easton Thomas Dubis  1.1c., b. 26 June 2013, (son of Thomas Dubis and Christina Poettker)

 Christian Andrew Nixon 1.1c., b. 20 Oct 2013, (son of Clark Nixon and Michelle Gatton)

Karlee Suzanne Koch 1.1c., b. 12 Dec 2013, (daughter of Michael Koch and Jill Richardson)

 August James Wachtel 1.1c., b. 11 Feb 2014, (son of Robert Wachtel and Jessica Holdener)

In Memory of:

Donald L Buedelspouse of 1.1c. (died 8 Jul 2014)

Joyce McCleary, spouse of 1.1c. (died 7 Jul 2014)

Catherine Rita Holdener, 1.1c. (died 6 Jul 2014)

Melvin Wannemuehler, 1.1c. (died 2 Jul 2014)

Mary Ann Wolf Berfanger 1.1c. (9 Dec 1929 - 26 Feb 2014) Pg 193

Norman Lou Heerdink  1.1c. (11 Aug 1925 - 24 Feb 2014) Pg 174

William Holland father of spouse of 1.1c. (11 June 1932 - 10 Dec 2013) Pg 246  

Agnes Walsh Sprouse 1.1a. (1904 - 3 Dec 2013)  Pg 40

Mary Rose Culley Kinney 1.1c. (1929 - 13 Nov 2013)

Kenneth Raymond Ehrmann 1.1c. (5 Mar 1944 - 6 Nov 2013)

Valeda F. Gossman Weil 1.1c. (22 Jul 1923 - 2 Oct 2013)

Wannemuehler Ronald F 1.1c. (25 Jun 1938 - 3 Oct 2013)

Gerald Fuchs spouse of 1.1c. (15 Jul 1928 - 16 Aug 2013)

Roger F Mayer 1.1c. (3 Jan 1931 - 25 May 2013) 

Robert J. Wargel spouse of 1.1c. (10 Sep 1948 - 28 Apr 2013)

Flora F. Wildemann Wolf 1.1c. (28 Feb 1920 - 18 Apr 2013) 

Raymond A Wolf 1.1c. (12 Dec 1922 - 22 Mar 2013)

Stanley Knapp 1.1c.5.3.6a.3.5 (17 Aug 1936 - 21 Mar 2013)

Jerome Paul Krack  1.1c. (10 Feb 1941 - 6 Jan 2013)

Mary Elizabeth Seng Weinzapfel spouse of 1.1c. (27 May 1936- December 4, 2012)

Teresa Neale Buedel 1.1c. (6 Jan 1933 - 18 Nov 2012)

Julius Bernard Krock  1.1c. (31 Jul 1926 - 11 Nov 2012)

Mildred Lappe Debes spouse of 1.1c. (8 May 1922- 15 Aug 2012)

Marjorie Greb Heerdink spouse of 1.1c. (1934 - 21 July 2012)

New Pictures:

Mary Brenner - which one
From Steve Dippel: 
 I have a picture that my grandpa Frank Dippel (1895-1981) took (see above).  It is labeled Mary Brenner; she would have been a cousin to my grandpa and lived in Evansville/St. Philip area.  
Do you know this Mary, or have any of the information on her? I'd be interested in her birth, death dates, and family information (so I can tie her picture to a person in my tree).

Franz Brenner and his wife Margaretha Folz
Photo courtesy of Stephen Dippel who may have acquired it from his Aunt Fronie Ludwig
No date of when the picture was taken; however, it was take by Feay Photography in Evansville, Indiana.

Catherine "Katie" Brenner Marx, 
Daughter of Karl Brenner and Eva Schiff
Spouse of Peter Marx
Photo courtesy of Rose Mockler

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