brenna hillier

makes things up, writes things down, thinks things sideways

a selection of my many adventures and victories

narrative designer

i am a bit shy about revealing my place of employment ackershully

eight years of gaming stuffi was v, v good at it

the toast

i sold two pieces to the best sitethis keeps me warm at night


handy joke tool for gentle trollstim did all the work


reviews for AU mag. ty gi for opp to do s/thing fambly understood

under three names lolsite got deleted, soz

did this for a while

did not work out, but now i have some ... unusual ... skills

other stuff tbc

my laptop battery is at 12%tim also made this art for me

some awards n that

  • IT Journalism Awards finalist 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2018
  • MCV Pacific Women in Games 2015 list member
  • MCV Pacific Awards finalist 2011
  • Games Media Awards group finalist 2011
  • Best Cat Name Ever Award ("Someone", pictured)

skills, talents, quirks, glaring character flaws

  • writing of all shapes, sizes, kinds, colours and creeds. if it bleeds, i can kill it (metaphorically)
  • SEO: i do it
  • competitor and keyword analysis and strategy, internal analytics and reporting
  • unnerving cheekbones
  • push up coach. gets results!!
  • does not even remember what it was like to fear deadlines. the work gets done
  • grammar wizard so accomplished as to be licensed to ignore the whole concept
  • adaptable, agile, sharp
  • "leadership qualities"
  • beloved by most