Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I gain access to the tennis courts?

A key is required to to gain access to the tennis courts. You may arrange to get a key by contacting the association at brenmarrecreation@gmail.com.  A membership is required to get a key and may not be transferred to any non-member.

What kind of events can I hold at the Pool?

The pool has picnic tables under a covered shelter and grills available for events at the pool.  Birthday parties, pot lucks, BBQs, volleyball games, and other events can be held at the pool.  However, a reservation is required beforehand.

How do I reserve space for an event at the Pool?

Check the calendar on the website to find a free date and time to hold your event.  Then email brenmarrparty@gmail.com.  Please remember that guest passes must be purchased for non-members. We are not able to accommodate parties on holiday weekends. No exceptions. The pool is exceptionally busy on holiday weekends and it is our policy to provide the pavilion area for everyone. 

How do I purchase additional guest passes?

Additional guest passes can be purchased by emailing bmramemberships@gmail.com and dropping off a check at the pool.