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BMRA has modified the way that we process membership applications.  We no longer use the physical forms that we have historically mailed for you to fill out and mail back to us.  Your application for membership is now accessible with a user ID and password via the link below.  Both previously active and prospective members will register through the online process.   

If you were an active member last year, use the user name and password provided in the email and/or the letter that you received to log in  If you are a new member or a Jefferson Green or Isabella member that was not active last year, please initiate registration for the first time through the link.

Please click here to log in or register and then follow the below steps:

(Below are the steps to navigate your account. We suggest that you print this out and use it as a guide the first time that you access your account.)

A returning member is defined as a member that had an active account in 2016.

Once logged in, you will need to review your account, ensuring that each family member is included, address is correct, emergency contact is up to date, and email address is accurate.  Click Continue under the Custom Information area.

The next page will be My Interests.  Please select one or none.  Click continue.

The next page allows you to Add Family Members, should you have additions. Click either Add Family Member or NO Family Members depending upon what applies to you.

The following page is the Registration Waiver page, where we ask that you read the rules and click “I have read and agree to the Registration Waiver.” Failure to agree means that you forfeit the ability to use the pool and complete this transaction. This is an insurance requirement. Click Continue.

At this point your membership profile is set up, but you still need to purchase your membership.  Jefferson Green and Isabella members still need to go through this action, but select $0.00 as your membership is paid by your condo fees.  All others will have to go through the payment process by entering in your credit card.   

Click on Memberships in the top right bar, select the appropriate membership that applies to you, and click Sign Up.  This brings you to the Membership Information – Step 1 page, where you click,  Calculate Totals, then click Continue to Payment.  The next page will be Payment Information – Step 2, where you enter in your credit card information and click Purchase Now. 

As a reminder of our memberships:

1.       Jefferson Green

2.       Isabella

3.       Non-condo payment prior to March 31 is $320. 

4.       Non-condo  payment after March 31 is $325.

5.       New member is $100 for the 1 time membership fee + $325 annual dues.

Once you have completed this registration and payment process we will generate and mail 2 membership cards to new members; returning members should use their cards from 2016.  If you do not receive your membership cards within 10 business days, or did not keep your membership cards from 2016, please email .  

Note: We no longer send annual paper membership letters and have transitioned to communicating via email.  If you did not receive a welcome membership email for 2017, please visit, click on memberships, and activate your membership.