html & google pages
I will use this page to test html tables within Google pages

Here is the Code for the layout of this page.
Right click & save file as. CODE
It is in Text Format open with a text editor (notepad)
Then copy the text to Edit Html to reproduce this Page.
You will notice many <br> this gives length & allows you to add more lines
Pressing Enter will add another table cell, press CTRL/Z to undo.
use <br> in Edit HTML for line breaks so you can edit content in main page.
You Will need to add your own image. I used 50x50 pixels, smaller may give nicer results.
you can also change background color & use many other html features in tables,
these features are not available in normal Google Pages Editing.
This may give you greater flexibility in creating Custom layouts for your site.

A Basic Understanding of HTML is needed to properly use this style of page.

This is a triple table
The guide for Tables>
Visit this site:

Tiled Background

Tile content
has been made with
Buttons & Tilez Software

The link is on this Page
Other Graphics Software

This is a Double Table
content content

This is a Single Table

This is a marquee tag