Hello, Everyone!! I'm so glad you have come to look at my page. The most amazing day was when God gave me the gift of healing in my hands so that I could help other people. Teaching and helping people find their own spiritual path is another wonderful gift I love to share with others. There's an amazing spiritual world out there to discover, and many ways to learn how to change your own life, as well as the lives of others. I'm eternally grateful to God for the gifts he has bestowed upon me, and for the destiny he has given me to fulfill. It is my privilege and pleasure to help you in any way I can.  I have a staff of Angels that help me with everything, and many other Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings that I can call on or connect with for help to better serve you.
     Unitl I can get a business checking account set up, I'm asking folks to send payments through the mail, or you can go to my web site and use the paypal button on the information and prices page.  My web site link is on the sites page here. If you would like to talk with me about services and what you need done, please e-mail me at lvangelo98@aol.com and I will get back with you. If you decide to continue, I will give you the address to send the payment through. Then we can begin immediately to work on you!  Please see the information and prices page for details and some wonderful testimonials from people I've helped. The sites page will give you links to all the other sites you can find me on and where I do most of my Teaching. Through these sites I've met the most incredible people from all over the world; they have been very uplifting, supportive, and have offered their love and friendship unconditionally. You're welcome to ask me about any certain sites or which ones you may be most interested in.
     Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I'll get the chance to work with you soon.
                                              Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda