Brendan Robert


[geek; consultant; traveler; code slinger; musician] 

Greetings.  Feel free to browse around.  Make yourself at home.

Who am I?

I am a Geek: I learned to use computers when I was five.  My parents taught me to program basic on a Timex/Sinclair ZX80.  From age 7 through 13, I used an apple //e.  Since then I've been using PC's and Windoze.

I am a Consultant: Since 2000, I have been a consultant for Vignette. Some of the sites in which I've had heavy involvement include Red Cross, FirstGov, Redhat, United Healthcare, Carrier, AIM Funds.  I've worked with several other Fortune-100 companies as well.  Don't be mistaken, this site is not a resume.  I like my job ;-)

I am a Traveler: I travel 100% for work.  It affords me great free vacations from time to time, and during the week I am occasionally lucky enough to visit fun places like Boston and Manhattan.

I am a Code Slinger: It's what I do best.  I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin.  To date I have learned over ten different programming languages, but I've been doing mostly web programming for quite some time.  My languages of trade are Java and JavaScript, but I can still whip up code in Basic, Perl or even 6502 Assembler.  Languages I've learned and mostly tried to forget are Lisp, Pascal, C/C++, Haskell and Fortran.

I am a Musician: I like to write music, time permitting.  I haven't been doing as much of this lately as I've wanted to, but that should change soon.


 want to play bejeweled while you're here? :-)