Brendan Hodkinson, PhD

Phone: 443-340-0917

Email: brendan {dot} hodkinson {at} gmail {dot} com

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PhD Biology, Duke University, 2011
     Thesis: A Phylogenetic, Ecological, and Functional Characterization of 
          Non-Photoautotrophic Bacteria in the Lichen Microbiome 
BS Biology with Honors, College of William and Mary, 2005
     Thesis: The lichen flora of the Williamsburg, Virginia, area

Research Interests

Throughout the course of my research, I have studied a diverse assemblage of small organisms using methods derived from ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology and computer science, among other fields. My interest in tiny organisms has led me to examine biodiversity within a great variety of contexts, both medical and environmental. My work exploring the Earth's diversity has led to the description of numerous species, genera, families, and orders or organisms. One of the challenges of research into diversity is dealing with "big data," which has led me to develop new approaches for managing and analyzing large data sets.


I am teaching three classes during the 2014-2015 school year: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and AP Chemistry.  Courses that I have taught in the past include Biology, Molecular Biology, Organismal Diversity, and Organismal Evolution.


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Penn Dermatology (NIH T32 Training Grant), 2013-2015
Center for Technology Transfer Fellowship, 2013 
Oosting Ecology Fellowship, 2011
MSA Graduate Fellowship, 2009 [Inoculum Excerpt]
Christiane and Christopher Tyson OTS Research Fellowship, 2008-2009 
James B. Duke Fellowship for Graduate Study, 2005-2009 
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2005-2008 
Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study, 2005 (declined)
Community of Scholars Fellowship, 2004


Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs Travel Award, 2014
XSEDE Research Allocation Award (DEB130002), 2013
NSF Systematics and Biodiversity Science Research Award (DEB-1145511), 2012-2015
XSEDE Startup Allocation Award (DEB110024), 2011-2012
American Bryological & Lichenological Society Travel Award, 2010
C. J. Alexopoulos Mentor Travel Award, 2008
MSA Student Presentation Award, 2008 (MSA best student conference paper )
International Association for Lichenology Travel Award, 2008
BLS Member Travel Award, 2008
Explorers Club Diversa Awards, 2007-2009
A. J. Sharp Award, 2007 (ABLS best student conference paper)
Duke Graduate International Research Travel Award, 2007
Adkins Arboretum Botanical Research Award, 2006
Baldwin-Speese Plant Conservation Award, 2005
Charlotte Preston Mangum Prize, 2005 (best undergraduate Honors research)


NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (DEB-1011504), 2010-2012
British Lichen Society Travel Grant, 2011-2012
American Society of Plant Taxonomists Travel Grant, 2010
Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research Grant, 2008-2009
Sally Hughes-Schrader Travel Grant, 2008-2009
Sigma Xi Grant-In-Aid of Research, 2007
American Society for Microbiology Student Travel Grant, 2007
Keever Endowment Grants-in-Aid, 2006-2011
William and Mary Student Research Grant, 2004-2005
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Student Research Grant, 2003-2004
William and Mary Minor Grant, 2003-2004