Welcome to my site. After a five year hiatus I have decided to return to the game show trading circuit.  I used to have a site at Hometown.aol.com/Dolleen48, But AOL stopped free web hosting so I had to make a new page here. 
Last Update: 4/14/2011 (List will be updated soon)
At the current time I am trading on a limited basis only.  This is due to full time work and full time school.  Accordingly, If you wish to trade please be advised that I have a slow turnaround time up to two weeks. You can e-mail me at Brendan.Evans@cix.csi.cuny.edu
Trades in Progress - 1 
Good News!  I finally scraped enough cash together to invest in a DVD burner, so I can now deal in both VHS or DVD!
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Previous Good Traders: (Thank You, so much for making my collection what it is!)

Trent McSwain

Paul D.
Maryanne C.
Brian Hibbs
Nick Treadway
Bob Staub

(Please forgive me if I traded with you and didn't list you here. If you are not here please e-mail me!)



A guide to my coding system:
At the end of each episode you will see a list of codes, the first is the source:
OB- Original Broadcast
SM- Studio Master
OC- Original commercials
GSN- Game Show Network
USA- USA Network
The second is a number out of 10.  This is the overall quality of the video.
10/10= Excellent 1st generation copy.
8/10= Fairly good copy may contain a few minor video or audio problems.
5/10= Moderate tracking, audio, and/or video issues
3/10= Poor quality, bearly watchable
1/10= Unwatchable
The third part is the tape number.  EX. TGS 19
#-P      Q-Z and specials        Press Your Luck            The Price is Right             Pyramid (All Versions)
My Want List:
I'll pretty much trade for any game shows with the exception of reality crap.  However there are a few shows and episodes that I really want including:
-Million Dollar Password with Craig Ferguson as a guest
-Password Plus "French" incident
-Card Sharks Game Show hosts week
-Black and White I've Got a Secret and What's My Line, especially episodes with Henry Morgan
-Decent quality copies of the $10,000, $20,000, and $50,000 Pyramid
-Any episodes of Body Language, Blackout, Pass the Buck, and 60's The Match Game
-Any unsold pilots
-Studio Master copies with slates
-Shows where GSN accidently left in the slate, ticket, or contestant plugs