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October 1, 2007 - The GoW begins

Once again, it's been a while. Uru Live began in earnest over the summer. Episode 8: "Deception" finished last month. The episodes are a relatively new thing. Basically it means that things only happen in the cavern for about one week, every five weeks. (They claim monthly, but that wasn't the reality) They started this format with Episode 5: "Scars", followed by "A New Light", and "Familiar Voices". Oddly enough, I still think that "Scars" was the best episode, and general overall 'segment' of Live so far. It had the most engaging, albeit morbid, storyline, and was the only segment so far that opened up a completely new, never before seen, age, that was more than 30ft across.  This was followed by Er'cana, in "A New Light", which has been re purposed for "lighting the lake", which means restoring the luminescent algae in the cavern lake to their original state. The Watcher's Sanctuary was also reopened, but is somewhat non-functional, though it makes a great public meeting place. "Familiar Voices" saw the return of Phil Henderson, the former DRC translator and a large number of  Bahro.  Kirel  and Jalak were also released, followed by "Philto" and The Guild Pubs in the most recent "Deception". All this brings me to the point that I was originally getting to. Cyan has officially acknowledged that there will be "Guilds". The only problem is that they have done so in a completely IC context, leaving many to wonder exactly what it is they are expected to do. However, this has not stopped many from taking some initiative. The Guild of Writers has now set up their website and forum, and talk of age building has resumed. The fate of already existing age building projects is somewhat uncertain, but it seems likely that they will eventually converge upon this place.

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