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                                 the finest instrument is the heartmind 

Tangled Garden is a slow art film of a triptych of earth poems, Surreal, mythopoetic, a rhizoma of images, metaphors, explorations, philosophies (with English subtitles). -A Floral Opera (2011) -In the Hands of the Garden Gods (1979) -Slipstream, the Tangled Garden (2006) (with impromptu speaking between the poems, which each end with ~~~ in the subtitles).

"Watch this awesome work from an artist who writes, paints, acts, dances, speaks, videos her art in a full dimension, with her spirit, guts, beliefs, body and voice." Pierre-Marie Cœdès

Brenda Clews has produced 33 videopoems combining, in varying degrees, poetry, dance and painting in performative ways. Her videopoems have been showcased on various websites.



  Art &
     Writings of
   Brenda Clews

Brenda Clews is an African-Canadian multi-media artist living in Toronto. Her focus is on an art practice that integrates multiplicities - on the prism rather than the spotlight, or on many spotlights. Exploring a theme from multiple perspectives, a work might include poetry, essays, painting, recordings and video  - an approach that may be seen in this website.


In these webpages are paintings, writings, videopoems, photopoems, poetry recordings, life drawings, ideas on creativity and more.

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random images from this site...

random images from this site -if you click on an image, you will be taken to the photo-hosting site, Picasa; return via the back button...

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"Very interesting compositions. The layers of texts is very professional. Is it music? Is it poetry? Is it art? It is a bit of everything in a very skillful and sensitive mixture."

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