About Us

We're really keen for villagers to get involved in the website.  You can do this by any of the following:
  1. Leaving a comment on the comments page
  2. Becoming part of the web design team
  3. Editing the calendar
  4. Adding entries to the blog
  5. Making the website come to you (see below)
To do anything you need to have a Google account.  You can get a free account by going to the Google Home page, in the top left you will find the 'Sign In' option - this is where you can get an account.

Once you have an account contact one of the editors and we will give you editing permission.

Making the website come to you:
this site makes full use of interactive features, these are known as RSS feeds. If you "subscribe" to an RSS feed then you will be informed every time anything changes. You can subscribe to a feed using Internet Explorer, Outlook or any dedicated RSS reader. 

All smartphones have RSS readers so now you can get news of all updates delivered to your phone.

We are producing a series of "how to" videos to help with this.  Please check out the links below


Bob Harding,
10 Oct 2011, 06:30