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Anders Behring Breivik Court Transcript 2012-06-01 Live Report


Friday 1 June 2012

8:53 The first witness today is Frank Aarebrot from the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen.

8:59 Breivik enters the courtroom of arrestforvarerne.

9:05 Judge Arntzen begins by revealing the answer from the Forensic Medicine, Psychiatry for the second report of Aspaas and Dry Ice.

9:10 Lippestad ask Aarebrot about journalists and party affiliation.

9:12 Aarebrot: - There has been research in which we asked a sample of the population and journalists about what they would vote.

9:13 Aarebrot: - Looking at the last survey (2012), the parties and the Red Re overrepresented among journalists. Also left are overrepresented.

9:14 Aarebrot: - Conservatives and the Progress Party are under-represented in the poll.

9:17 Aarebrot: - The pattern in the measurements are quite firm, the parties on the left is over-represented.

9:19 Aarebrot says Breivik probably belongs to the group who have misinterpreted the figures, and read those that promote propaganda reporters at his party's behalf.

9:21 Aarebrot says his study does not provide grounds to argue that journalists are propagandistic.

9:23 Aarebrot presents figures for the profession as lawyers, showing over-representation of the Conservative Party, which receives law actors to draw a smile.

9:25 Aarebrot says it's annoying to form erroneous hypotheses on the basis of his research.

9:29 Aarebrot says organized groups who feel themselves as victims, tend to make such fallacies, and points to the former Progress Party leader Carl I Hagen as someone who has used research to Aarebrot.

9:30 Aarebrot asked by Lippestad on surveys made after the cartoon controversy in Denmark and Norway.

9:31 Aarebrot said it was investigated what journalists thought about the ethical assessments about the printing of the Muhammed cartoons.

9:32 Aarebrot said the common theme was that Norwegian journalists thought it was right to reprint the Mohammed cartoons.

9:33 Aarebrot points out that this survey revealed a left / right axis among journalists.

9:46 Aarebrot finished his explanation, which he also directed kicks from legal psychiatry.

9:50 The Court did break until at 10:05.

10:06 Brynjar Lia from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment is preparing to testify. Lia is terrorism expert.

10:09 Defender Bæra asks Lia to give detailed information about his background.

10:12 Lia must account for any similarities between the defendant and international terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and whether the defendant is inspired by such networks.

10:15 Lia: - When it comes to the defendant's ideological standpoint and manifest, this is quite common. Terrorist groups have quite unrealistic goals, such as to annihilate Israel.

10:15 Lia: - In spite of this, there are a surprising number of terrorist groups have support and sympathy.

10:18 Lia: - The unusual in this case is the degree of violence in relation to the political / military context. It differs from other accused terrorists.

10:19 Lia: - 22/7 appears to be out of the blue. Actions usually occurs in connection with the ongoing conflict.

10:21 Lia: - It lacks a concrete revenge motive, and popular notions of an immediate disaster.

10:21 Lia then goes into how common it is that terrorist groups borrowing tactics and methods from others, and says it is common.

10:22 Lia: - This takes place across ideological divides.

10:23 Lia: - It is not unusual to categorize the enemies and the enemies who are legitimate targets.

10:25 Lia: - A polarization and mobilization strategy is not uncommon.

10:25 Lia says that political goals are favored targets for terrorists.

10:26 Lia points out that since 1970 has directed 13,000 attacks against such targets.

10:29 Lia says that an attack on political youth camps differ greatly from.

10:30 Lia says that most terrorist groups have strong objections against such attacks, for fear that they will lose sympathy.

10:31 Lia: - There is also a rare form of action, but it occurs (shows the hostage attack in Beslan).

10:32 Lia goes on to explain how common it is to carry out attacks against journalists.

10:34 Lia says that the mass killings that tactical targets does not occur often. The overall picture is that the groups want attention for their cause.

10:37 Lia commented defendant's fear of police surveillance, and how common this is in the terrorist context.

10:38 Lia says terrorist groups have a comprehensive system for internal security.

10:40 Lia says that an essential feature of terrorism is to create a persistent fear, and that one-man terrorism thus becomes an oxymoron.

10:41 Lia says that "the single wolf" more often occur among right-wing extremist.

10:43 Lia said it seems strange that the defendant has discussed the 22/7 mission to be suicidal. He does not die, and did not make a martyr video. He had not made a bomb vest.

10:44 Lia goes on to explain the prevalence of suicide bombings worldwide.

10:46 Lia goes into the filming beheadings of hostages, referring to the defendant's plans to make it Utøya.

10:47 Lia says that this type of action is mostly used by jihadists.

10:48 Lia explains how widespread it is among terrorist groups to use uniforms.

10:49 Lia: - In the right-wing extremist groups is a great fascination for uniforms, it is probably a legacy of Nazism.

10:51 Lia then goes into the cult of tombs and fallen who have died as martyrs.

10:53 Lia: - There are many similarities between the defendant and terrorist groups, to summarize. Where he stands out is the choice of levels of violence and the context of the violence included in.

10:54 Lia: - mass murder is not a good book launching approach.

10:55 Defender Bæra follow up with questions about how terrorists "is under the radar."

10:56 Lia: - Security Awareness is everything when planning violence.

10:56 Lia: - It is so far a rational strategy.

10:57 Bæra ask what Lia thinks that the defendant's use of violence in the defendant's rational universe.

10:58 Lia: - There is a certain rationality in the use of violence, but he has not understood that there is a difference between awareness and to get attention for their cause.

10:59 Lia: - As I have read the manifesto, there is a certain rationality in the violence.

11:00 Lia asked the berries rationale for a one-man operation, and to "build a legacy."

11:01 Lia says that the defendant is not exactly embraced as a hero of the scene, he appeals to.

11:04 Medforsvarer Grounded Lia asks whether the defendant's view that there is a civil war in progress.

11:04 Lia: - judging from conventional thinking in the extreme-right, it is not unusual or surprising.

11:05 Lia says that isolated facts are used to construct these performances.

11:06 Lippestad entering the defendant's degree of violence, and asks Lia elaborate about other attempts at mass murder actions.

11:07 Lia: - From 2000 onwards, several groups with ties to Afghanistan and Pakistan tried to implement such actions.

11:08 Lia refers to what has come up in several lawsuits, and the seizures made.

11:08 Lia: - Much has been averted in recent years. These actions have a different military and political context.

11:10 Lia: do not dare to estimate the number of how many such mass killing actions that have been averted.

11:11 Lia says that there have already been prevented 100 terrorist attacks since 2000.

11:12 The prosecutor asks Holden testified about Lia Breivik's mention of the alleged inaugural meeting in London in 2002, where it should have been members from several countries met.

11:13 Lia says there has been an increase in groups of various nationalities, including in the extreme-right.

11:14 Prosecutors Engh asked Lia if he knows of other examples of single cells make their uniforms, which he denies.

11:18 Lia asked to explain what he meant by that Breivik violent action lacked context.

11:19 Lia said it is difficult to find clear motives for Breivik's actions.

11:22 Lia Breivik compares with the so-called Unabomber, who also had a psychiatric diagnosis.

11:24 Lawyer asks Elgesem Lia about the development of right-wing terrorism.

11:26 Lia: - Right extremism lay down after Benjamin murder, there was a lot of right-wing violence in the 80 - and 90-century. Islamophobia grew gradually in the 2000s, and in PST's threat assessment in 2011, there was concern.

11:27 Lia says that 22/7 however, was an unpredictable event.

11:32 Lia has finished his diploma.

11:33 Breivik can comment on yesterday's testimony, the judge says Arntzen.

11:34 Breivik: - Bjørgo used the term right-wing racist violence. It is wrong, I fight like an anti-racist. I respond that he put racism on the right side.

11:34 Breivik: - When it comes fremprovoseringsstrategier, it is used in several countries.

11:36 Breivik: - When it comes to hang out families and friends, it was to ensure that they would be lynched. I had intended to kill 1,000 people. I regret now that I wrote it.

11:37 Breivik says Bjørgo and Emberland is "very competent", but do not think the same about Øyvind Stream, which he places on the left side.

11:38 Breivik: - There were many attacks against Fjordman. It was no coincidence that I chose many of his essays. The claim that he should have supported the ethnic cleansing, not true.

11:39 Breivik claim that the left refers to "real problems" such as conspiracies.

11:40 Breivik do not like the comparison with the hostage attack in Beslan, and indicates that there was a primary school, and not a political indoktrineringsleir.

11:42 Breivik believe that organizations such as "Racist Centre" actively monitors the network debates.

11:44 Breivik says Lias comparisons were not good, arguing that attention Islamization of Europe has increased after 22/7.

11:45 Breivik says that the figures in his manifesto in the world.

11:46 Breivik finished, and the right to take a break at 24:45.

12:47 The witness Lars Gule has taken the witness stand.

12:48 Lippestad pray Gule explain the scientific background.

12:49 Gule says he has debated with the defendant and Fjordman site

12:50 Gule says that while he was preparing for today's testimony, he was called by a person who said that "Breivik should be regarded as a wizard."

12:51 Gule says that for him is an indication that too many parts Breivik's perceptions.

12:53 Gule begins by discussing how many parts the defendant's perceptions.

12:54 Gule emphasizes the counter-Jihadist ideas, as described in the defendant's manifest.

12:55 Some of the key ideas is that Islam is a threat to Western culture, says Gule.

12:57 Gule: - Muslims are working to establish a caliphate and establish a caliphate and impose sharia law in the West and Norway.

12:58 Gule: - There is a general perception that Muslims are unreliable, they are practicing Taqiyya.

13:00 Gule - This fits well with the notion of a conspiracy, where the established politicians are traitors or betrayers.

13:01 Gule: - Eurabia theory is that migration is planned by these politicians in collaboration with Muslim and Arab leaders.

13:03 Gule: - The conclusion of these perceptions is that we must prepare for resistance, Muslims can not have the same rights as other citizens.

13:07 Gule estimate how many people share these views and points to the site, who have 35 to 40,000 readers each week. Around ten percent of these estimates Gule share much of the defendant's counter-Jihadist universe.

13:09 Gule then enters the organization Sian website, which says Gule has around 400 members and 10,400 members on Facebook.

13:09 Gule goes with the party Democrats, which he says got 6000 votes in the last election.

13:11 Gule estimates that around 2-3 per cent of those who voted Progress are counter-Jihadists. This amounts to 5-8000 people.

13:11 Overall, it is 12-15000 counter-Jihadists in Norway, said Gule.

13:16 Gule then displays the latest figures from the HL-Center (better known as the Holocaust Centre), where it appears that 11 percent of the Norwegian population would dislike strongly that Muslims were their neighbors. "This illustrates the strong prejudices," said Gule.

13:18 Gule says that there are millions more abroad who vote for right-wing populist parties.

13:19 Gule lists various websites belonging to the defendant of thought, which has tens of thousands of readers and like-minded users.

13:20 Gule gives an account of the will to violence, and says many use violent rhetoric in posts on the internet.

13:21 Gule: - Although it is a violence potential here, few people want or are able to do anything.

13:21 Gule indicates that organizations that Sian and NDL will have to set up the demonstrations.

13:23 Gule: - There is hardly a basis for the defendant's estimate of 15,000 militant nationalists in Norway, if we understand militant as synonymous with violence.

13:23 Gule: - It is thus important to emphasize the significant difference on the internet statements, which abound, and actions of the type Breivik seems to be almost alone.

13:25 Lippestad follow up with questions about how the socialization of terrorists takes place, and the Internet plays a role.

13:27 Gule think it takes place an individual radicalization and says that the Internet is a new arena that there is little research in this context.

13:28 Gule: - The Internet has an addictive effect on many, and is part of reality that affects socialization.

13:30 Gule says that the internet is important for the radicalization of terrorists.

13:31 Gule is asked by Lippestad about your debate he had with Breivik, Gule discovered that he had discussed with Breivik until after 22/7.

13:32 Gule says it Breivik wrote in online debate, not stood out.

13:34 Gule says Breivik in online debate presented a program for national conservative.

13:35 Defendant bears traces Gule if he knows Breivik compendium, Gule says he recognizes the argument that Breivik has borrowed from others.

13:41 Defendant asks the Gule Bæra say something about Breivik's statement that his actions "was horrible, but necessary."

13:41 Gule reply that such thoughts are not new, and call this a kind of jesuittmoral.

13:45 Prosecutors Holden followed up by asking questions about the internet as a surrogate for groups of terrorists, and wonder if the Gule aware of examples where it is exclusively radicalized by the network.

13:45 Gule: - The internet is radicalizing, no doubt.

13:47 Gule explains what he thinks of the distinction between thoughts / ideology and actions.

13:49 Prosecutors Engh ask why not see more of the same type as Breivik, who radicalizing online?

13:51 Gule goes into that debate online is anonymous, and that there is widespread paranoia among these.

13:58 Lawyer Gule Elgesem ask about the connection between violent games online and radicalization, Gule responds that he has never played games online.

13:59 Psychiatrist Dry Ice asks whether the defendant's propensity for the percentage, and whether there are any other online debaters have?

13:59 Gule: - To a certain extent.

14:00 Gule: - It is obvious that some claims have the same source, but Breivik has driven this percentage bill far.

14:03 Judge Heather asks if he knows the Gule to the use of new words, Gule says he does not have great knowledge of this.

14:04 Gule is finished with his explanation, Breivik will comment Gules explanation first.

14:04 Breivik: First of all, I hope the police have double checked the suitcase to Gule.

14:06 Breivik disagrees Gules terminology, and comments on this.

14:06 Breivik: - It is wrong to call someone for an Islamophobe.

14:08 Breivik: - I'm a useful idiot for the Gule.

14:15 Court takes break until 14.20.

14:25 The court continues with today's final witness, a police superintendent Unn Hege Sørensen from Oslo police.

14:26 Sorensen will talk about Breivik's economy.

14:27 She has led the police survey of Breivik's economic conditions, and whether he received any assistance from others.

14:29 Sorensen said that the investigation is not complete, it is not received answers to three letters rogatory to foreign countries to his accounts abroad.

14:31 Sorensen goes through what she's going to testify.

14:31 Sørensen shows tables on the tax information for Breivik from 2001 - 2010.

14:32 Sorensen: - Up to and including 2003 Breivik a normal salary.

14:33 Sorensen: - Salary from Breivik company E-Commerce group is not reported by the company, but from Breivik yourself.

14:33 Sorensen: - After 2003, it is not ordinary income.

14:34 The table shows that Breivik earned most in 2001, with a total of 385,000 crowns. Lowest income he had in 2006 with only 49 million in income from bank deposits.

14:34 Tax information shows that Breivik lost 276,000 on the sale of shares in 2008.

14:34 Sorensen: - Something is not evident from the data, including the corporation. What are the eventual outcomes from the company.

14:35 Sorensen: - Breivik has held a number of accounts abroad.

14:35 Sorensen: - Breivik has not stated that he had accounts or other assets abroad. Or, stated that he had a contact position at year end.

14:35 Sørensen shows a timeline with Breivik enterprises.

14:37 Sorensen: - The first undertaking Behring & XXX Marketing DA. Registered in CCR in 1998. Dissolved 3 July 2001. ( remove a name from the company name)

14:38 Sorensen: - 1 June 1999 registered company Breivik Media Group AS. The company was forced closed.

14:39 Sorensen: - The company would rent out advertising space.

14:40 Sorensen: - Breivik was general manager, owner and CEO.

14:40 Sorensen: - There appears to be unclear whether there has been a particular operation in the company.

14:41 Sorensen: - The next company he created was Anders Breivik Behring ENK "City Group". Registered in 2001. Deleted in 2004.

14:41 ENK is short for sole proprietorships.

14:42 A sole proprietorship must include the name of the owner. "City Group" is a short name, a sole proprietorship can use.

14:44 Sorensen: - In November, he established Police have secured a number of screenshots from the site. You could buy a certificate from the main current American campuses. Not possible after February 2006.

14:45 Sorensen: - The first payments we see is from the 3rd January 2002.

14:46 Sorensen: - In December 2005, appeared an article concerning the sale of fake diplomas online. Some of those mentioned were Breivik pages. An American, reviews one of Breivik's employees for selling fake diplomas. The case was dismissed.

14:47 Sorensen: - We link payments of nearly 3.7 million to this activity. We relate expenditures to 1.6 million.

14:47 Sorensen goes through other websites Breivik created for the sale of certificates.

14:48 Sorensen: - Brentwood Solutions Limited is featured in the manifesto.

14:48 Sorensen goes through what's in the manifesto.

14:50 Sorensen goes through foreign account linked to the company.

14:51 Sorensen: - It was recorded 6 april 2004. There was a board with the Panamanian government. It appears that the company offers various services related to the establishment of companies in tax havens.

14:52 Sorensen: - The company offers packaging solutions for the creation of companies. Breivik has been authorized to act on behalf of Brentwood Solutions Limited.

14:53 Sorensen: - The next company is E-Commerce Group AS. Founded on 1 January 2005. The company will be forced closed 29 January 2008. Police have received documents from the trustee.

14:53 Sorensen: - There is a decision by the company from 30 June 2006 that the company will be deleted. There was a surplus in 2005 of 153,000 kroner, according to the official accounts.

14:54 Sorensen: - The police have found the evidence shows that it has not been running the company since mid 2006.

14:55 Sorensen: - Breivik has the court explained that he had intended to evade most of the money from taxation. The company was used for this.

14:55 Sorensen: - Something was on an account in Latvia registered in Brentwood Wolutins Limited. It was transferred from there to the E-Commerce Group. Was recorded as income from the company's only customer, Brentwood.

14:56 Sorensen: - After this, the firm is not active with Breivik business until 2009, when he created Breivik Geofarm ENK. It was registered on 15 May 2009 as the purchase / sales / management of shares, etc.

14:57 The updated witness list from forsvarne shows that Mohammad Mohyeldeen and Peder Jensen Nøstvold (Fjordman) witnesses Monday after lunch.

14:57 Sorensen: - There is a change in the register 15 March 2011. The purpose: Growing of vegetables, roots and tubers are added.

14:59 Sorensen: - Not that we've found, but this is also a sole proprietorship.

14:59 Sorensen: - No, we can not see that it is something. About Breivik has had an accounting is another matter. We have not found any account of Geofarm.

15:00 Sørensen shows a table of all the money that has gone into the accounts that are related to the sale of fake diplomas.

15:00 Sorensen: - Also, cash deposits are included.

15:01 Sorensen: - because Breivik has had access to foreign debittkort, and there is no information that these funds from other than the sale of fake diplomas.

15:02 Sorensen: - A total of close to 3.7 million. Three accounts are missing, so the amount can be changed.

15:02 Sorensen: - We have a complete overview with regard to costs. The costs we have assumed is related to E-Commerce Group.

15:02 The figure shows that the cash deposits were made on his mother's account at 576,000 crowns.

15:03 Sorensen: - Police have identified 13 bank accounts in seven different countries. There remain three continents.

15:04 The foreign bank accounts were in Dominica, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Antigua and Barbuda, the United States and St. Vincent.

15:07 Sørensen shows a chart showing how the money from the sale of the testimonies are moved between different accounts.

15:07 Sorensen: - The Latvian account appears to be a master account.

15:08 Sorensen: - there are 1.8 million transferred to the Norwegian Breivik's account.

15:09 Sorensen goes through Breivik trade in shares.

15:09 Sorensen: - In 1997 - 1998 Breivik has a loss of 144,471 crowns.

15:09 No information in the period 1998-2002.

15:10 Sorensen: - In the period 2003-2009 has Breivik a loss of 348,276 crowns.

15:10 Sorensen: - The police have not found the loss of two million, Breivik writes about in his manifesto.

15:10 Information on capital losses of 97-98 police came over after seizures. The tax information stored only in ten years.

15:11 Sorensen goes through two depository accounts with an online broker.

15:14 A total of 423 completed Breivik shopping with your broker, by an account in his own name and in the name of E-Commerce Group.

15:14 Sorensen goes through the trade in SunCom Wireless Holdings Inc.

15:15 Sorensen: - At the end of 2005, he bought up strongly in the company. The company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

15:16 Sorensen: - 31/12-2005 he had 46,600 shares valued at 872.949 million.

15:17 Sorensen: - 30/6-2006, holdings of 63,500 shares to the value of 548,000 crowns.

15:17 Sorensen: - At this point, he moved home to his mother.

15:18 Lippestad: - If there are three separate sales?

15:18 Sorensen: - Breivik sell 15,100 shares in November / December 2006 and receive 96,579 kroner.

15:19 Sorensen: - 14 December, it announced that the shares be suspended from the 19 December.

15:19 Sorensen: - 19/12, he had a holding of 48,300 shares, valued at 179,809 crowns.

15:20 Prosecutors Holden: - When we talk about all the accounts?

15:20 Sorensen: - Minus the three.

15:21 Sorensen: - In the period afterwards could not share traded on the NYSE. Was registered on the OTC, over the counter trading. It is not possible to trade stocks over the system. It is not the same requirements as for a stock.

15:21 Sorensen: - While the stock is listed there, is trading opportunity in the stock is very low.

15:22 Sorensen: - At the lowest, 9/12-06 is the stock at its lowest of 0.6 USD.

15:22 Sorensen: - After a stock split, the share price at the end of June about 20 USD.

15:23 Sorensen: - The trade will be resumed. 27/7-07 sell his 70 shares for 8830 crowns.

15:23 Sorensen: - 17/9 comes a press release about a company to buy SunCom and will provide shareholders with 27USD per share.

15:24 Sorensen: - 19/9 sell Breivik 4760 dollars, with a value of 677,978 crowns.

15:25 In 2008, Breivik made 40 trades in shares.

15:25 Sorensen: - 7/5-09 Breivik sells its last shares. Receives 474,482 Dollars for 75,000 shares in DNO.

15:26 Sorensen: - He had a loss in excess of 150,000 during the period.

15:26 Sorensen: - What he is left with after the sale represent Breivik's fortune. It's not a lot of money into the accounts for this.

15:26 Prosecutors Holden: - If it was about 470,000 million lost on the road?

15:27 Sorensen: - Total in the period, he has a loss of 350,000 and a loss of 150,000 in 2008-2009, and a loss in SunCom's shares. But he also had gains in some stocks.

15:28 Sørensen shows a table with credit cards Breivik was in Norway. He had a negative balance totaling 217,798 kroner 22 last July.

15:29 Sørensen shows an overview of Breivik's various credit cards. He applied for and granted eight credit cards.

15:29 Sorensen: - Several of the cards were granted after Breivik had shown fake pay slips from Geofarm.

15:30 Sorensen: - Based on the information available today, Breivik went out of money 26 april 2011.

15:30 Sorensen: - After this he mainly used the credit card.

15:30 Prosecutors Holden:-So his bank accounts are empty 26 april?

15:30 Sorensen: - He had a limit of 235,000 crowns. He had almost used up the entire frame 22 July.

15:32 Sorensen goes through the cost of procurement Breivik: Uniform (£ 5500.76), Equipment (£ 80,282.81), Weapons (£ 39,032.42), Ammunition (£ 8150.75), Bomb (£ 133,868.02).

15:33 Sorensen says Breivik had beltat all artificial fertilizer to your dealer.

15:33 Sorensen: - Other (£ 41,838.24) and other expenses (£ 80,347). In total, the 389,020 kroner.

15:34 Sorensen: - Some of the items to the bomb were purchased in cash after Breivik ran out of money. We believe the money is coming from withdrawals from credit cards.

15:35 Sorensen said that this amount represents approximately 45.000 million.

15:35 Prosecutors Holden: - So, no credit, no bomb?

15:35 Sorensen: - Yes.

15:35 Lawyer Larsen: - How is Breivik's economy in 2006?

15:35 Sorensen: - What we see is that when 19 December comes, Breivik funds locked in shares.

15:36 Larsen: - Does he have funds through 2006?

15:36 Sorensen: - These charges we have made is what we will find the funds he has.

15:36 Larsen: - What do you mean?

15:37 Sorensen: - There is not much money is available after 19 December.

15:37 Larsen: - These shares ... Does he have financial ability to finance his lifestyle in 2006?

15:37 Sorensen: - He has a portfolio of shares he can sell. He has agents.

15:38 Breivik: - I have explained that I had a cash balance in my safe. The police have not taken a position.

15:39 Sorensen: - We can not exclude that Breivik has been NOK 300,000 remain.

15:39 The court is adjourned.