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Anders Behring Breivik Letter 12-07-02 to Lisa

Anders Behring Breivik
Postboks 150
1332 Østerås

Oslo/Bærum, 02.07.12, letter #1

Dear sister Lisa,

[content containing personal information removed]

I apologize for not writing you earlier, but the mandatory psychiatric evaluations and the police-debriefings lasted almost all the way up to the beginning of the trial so I was more or less unable to focus on anything else. In addition, I needed to create the 38 page defence article attempting to delegitimize the first psychiatric report, countering the more than 200 false statements (lies). Then I had to focus on creating the "12-page defence speech" which I presented on the 17th of April. I'm really happy with this speech so I would recommend that you read it! :D (Google: Breivik speech 17 april f example). There are a few poor "google translater" versions in English and other languages but there is also a very high quality human translation available now :D I don't have the URL address for the best one, but I have it for the google-translated one: https://sites.google.com/site/breivikreport/

The 10 week long trial from April 16 to June 22nd was a tough battle. To be honest, in the beginning I was quite worried if I would make it or if I would break down mentally before the end. The media and the court participants have bombarded me with psychological attacks throughout the trial hoping to break me psychologically. Of course the gruesome content of the trial itself was hard enough in itself, the rest was just an addition. After most court days I came back completely mentally exhausted but I felt I managed to perform optimally throughout the trial regardless.

To sum it all up, the trial has been very tough mentally but all the hard work and focus paid off and it proved to be a fantastic marketing/propaganda tool. I feel I managed to take advantage of this opportunity even though the court administrator implemented censorship on the broadcasting of my two speeches and all my comments. At least everything was distributed worldwide in text form. In addition to the April 17th speech (75 min), the June 22nd closing statement (45 min) is worth mentioning.

They managed to counter my anti-communist right wing salute strategy :D, lol, by locking my hands to a belt each morning until all the reporters had left when the court was set. They didn't like this salute very much :D haha, I got the impression that the prosecutor and a few of the participants at times tried to provoke me by ridicule and humiliation (probably hoping I would overreact and do something stupid), but I refused to take the bait and I continued to act polite and civil, but defiant when it came to arguments. The reason why I put so much effort in getting everything right was so that others can follow my example in the future and be successful in using the court system as a very potent propaganda tool. Now all the speeches and comments are on the internet along with the youtube clips, which can act as a guide on how to take advantage of a trial process optimally in the future.

The verdict will be announced on August 24th. I pleaded "not guilty" because of "necessity". For 10 weeks I have documented and brought in right wing witnesses who have further documented and proven that the cultural marxist and multiculturalist Labour Party (the 22/7 attacks were directed against them), a party who has almost uninterrupted ruled Norway since WW2, are systematically deconstructing/destroying our ethnic group, our culture and traditions and Christendom, I explained that attacking this political party is therefore a pre-emptive attack/defensive attack, or in other words "cultural self defence" and I must therefore be acquitted. Nevertheless, I know I have a snowballs chance in hell as they will of course not accept this.

However, it will on the other hand be very interesting to see the outcome. On the second last day of the trial the Norwegian media published a poll whether Norwegians thought I was insane or sane, and the result was: 10% thought I was insane, 15% was not sure, and a massive 75% felt I was sane. Nevertheless, the prosecutor decided to call for an insanity verdict. They hope that by sending me to a nuthouse, my views and ideology will be delegitimized and they probably hope to silence me by forceful drugging. However, it's the judges who decides on August 24th and I'm pretty sure they will not sink to this low level. If they do, Norway is not any better than the Soviet Union. But if I am sent to a nuthouse on August 24th, perhaps you can send me a drooling napkin, haha. :D (drugged patients drool all day?)

Future efforts and plans

I'm gonna sleep for a year now!:D Seriously though, I am very interested in establishing contact with individuals who care about the fate of our culture and people and who would be interested in participating in some way or form through internet/blog/fb activism or by writing essays related to the efforts against cultural marxism/multiculturalism and islamisation. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in corresponding with me in this regard, this is something I would be very interested in.

I lost/sacrificed my old family and friends on 22/7, so now and in the future the people I correspond with are in fact the closest thing I have to a family. Don't let this freak you out though, as you should know I'm corresponding with many brothers and sisters worldwide. I'm currently living in isolation and will probably live in isolation for many many years. This is unproblematic as obviously, this was my own choice. I'm used to living ascetically so it will not be difficult to continue living this way. In fact, in many ways its exactly like living as a monk confined to a monastery. You have sacrificed all worldly goods and many other freedoms but you have gained a focused and balanced mind which is not plagued by greed, desires and lust - and you are allowed to work. I think if I say this enough times I will believe it, haha, but in a way its true enough, but it will take time getting used to and it may be challenging. We once had a tradition of selfless sacrifice in Christian Europe, and I hope I will contribute to re-establish this tradition among nationalists and cultural conservatives. The muslims have this tradition of selfless sacrifice, and this is why they are so dangerous, this while too many Europeans are decadent and selfish, with a lack of the ideals required for revolutionary change. But as we know so well, the wonderful thing is that multiculturalism is a self-defeating ideology so we know the unknown, the future belongs to us, it's just difficult to predict the exact time it will happen.

And as for the future, you are probably already aware of the fact that I will fight, for the rest of my life, with the pen for the conservative revolution from here as best as I can for the coming decades working to preserve our culture, traditions and our religion.

Plans for the coming decade

I suggested to the nice people working here that I take a flight education to become a Boeing or Airbus pilot, hah :-D I also asked for a chemistry set, but I obviously wasn't allowed one (but they took the joke though). I'm not the only one with a twisted form of humour here. :D Seriously though; The guards working here are actually very nice to people who follow their orders and are polite and nice towards them, so it is easier than I thought to be here. Several of the other prisoners here are very anti-social and oppose their authority. As for my plans:

1. I am in the process of writing 3 books: a. one book about the 22/7 operation - what really happened before, during, and after, b. one book about the ideology: "revolutionary national conservatism" and c. one book about the future, containing political analysis, strategies for the unification of different anti-marxist/multiculturalist forces, etc.

2. I plan to formalize my education starting in jan 2012 with a 3 year Bachelor of Political Science (BPSc) then continue with a 1-2 year master of Political Science (MPSc). This will probably take 5-7 years and I'm not entirely sure if it's even possible to take a master from here yet.

3. Me and others are in the process of forming a pan-European NGO/think tank and it will most likely be called the "Conservative Revolutionary Movement", which will consist of conservative intellectuals/keyboard warriors fighting with the pen for the future conservative revolution. The goal is that it consists of at least 1-2 individuals from each country so that important political texts or f example successful rhetorical strategies or other ideas etc can be translated and used in other countries. The current contra-jihad network in Western Europe (consisting of 50 writers/activists) is quite successful and effective. However, this network of intellectuals ONLY fights against radical Islam and does NOT fight for indigenous European rights, cultural and religious rights.

The network of writers will be more radical than any existing right-wing "think tank" in Europe and will serve as a source for rhetorical/ideological strategies for the emerging ultra-right network, blog networks, organizations and political parties. This network/organization will be relevant for ultra-conservatives, ultra-nationalists, devout Christians, but also for more moderate conservatives and nationalists. Apart from European indigenous rights activism and the struggle against cultural marxism/multiculturalism and islamisation we will also fight for the preservation of Christendom in Europe, and European interests in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and also for Christian interests in Anatolia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. If you know any revolutionary far right intellectuals or activists in your country who "fight with the pen" (or desire to do so in the future), let me know.

4. Me and other patriots are in the process of building up a prison network in Northern Europe for politically oriented prisoners (far right) focussing on the following countries: Germany, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But our goal is also to get in touch with ideologically oriented prisoners in other European countries as well. One shouldn't forget the marxist ex-terrorist leader Nelson Mandela who a few decades ago was the leader of the armed wing of ANC in South Africa and responsible for killings and bomb-attacks. Imprisoned revolutionaries on both the political left and right side are living proof that prisons are indeed often a good arena for continuing the struggle, if it is done correctly. There are most likely more than 5000 patriotic prisoners in Europe and the goal is to organize and unite as many of them as possible.

I do not rely on assistance to continue the struggle from here in the future. However, some assistance would make it a lot easier.

1. Any assistance with finding a book publisher in your country who will be willing to publish my future books would be very useful.

2. Any assistance with locating right wing ultra conservative/nationalists, revolutionary conservative) blog owners who are willing to work and correspond with me would prove very useful.

If you do not have the possibility to assist in any way or form, then that's fine too. Your support means a lot in any case and I truly appreciate it!

I guess this letter became slightly more political than I intended it to be. I tend to take political activism a little too serious sometimes. :) In any case; know that I remain mentally strong and very motivated. Lisa, thanks again for your inspiring letter and your support! I'm looking forward to hearing from you, btw, the efforts of every single person counts and as someone once said, one person with a belief is a more potent force than 100 000 with only interests. :-)



Anders Behring Breivik