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Rosenqvist Psychiatric Report 2011-11-01


Ila Prison and detention institution


The director, in

Executive Officer:

Randi Rosenqvist


The prisoner has been in prison for about three months now. In this connection I have been asked to update the risk assessment I wrote 18.08.2011. This assessment is based on material written history of the department XXXXXX for the period August to October and a call for an hour with the prisoner on l November 2011.

Information from the history log that is kept by the department.

Seems thoroughly covering what is essential in the monitoring of inmates.

This fall, ABB had significantly more variation than the other inmates at Department G usually have. He has had conversations with the police, defense, forensic psychiatric experts, the health department here and the priest, besides the supervision of prison staff. It does not seem like interrogations and other calls have led to significant mental stress, though. He obviously has been tired at times when questioning has gone into the evening.

The inmates also has access to a PC (cleared by the police) to write on and some certified games / music, books for individual approval from the police, and the treadmill. It is purchased new TV / player virtue. He also has access to the air in an air stream. At the show, he has remained reasonably busy, and I can not see the emergence of any isolation stress, although he said after a few weeks that it was harder than he had imagined. He has expressed dissatisfaction with being little informed in advance about what will happen. This is for safety reasons. The only time he is observed transient stress is when it's happened other than he had expected (eg conversation with experts instead of PC-cell). 

ABB has fairly extensive use of aeration, he has kept on his computer when he could, but he has less use of the treadmill, even though he explained the importance of training the major muscle groups and aerobic exercise. It seems that he is more interested in weight training for upper body, something he is not being offered for security reasons. The mental condition seems from the log to be stable, with some days that are a little heavier, some days are easier. In August and September, a portion occupied by his own assessment of mental impairment / mental level as a percentage. This says less about now, and I think it is well that he has not received much attention on these percentages. It may, from notes to-work as he has tried to use such figures as a bargaining chip. He has failed, and interest in percent returns have decreased. It should also be stressed that if he really meant to hurt himself, he would in my opinion be unlikely to have given information about his mental level being at O% over time. He has generally been polite and asked relevant questions and acceptable answers. In the couple of occasions it has been observed slightly delayed response, but it has been transient and probably because he has thought of or expected anything else, not mental reduction.

Sleep is generally reported as stable, although he has gone to sleep some nights later than other days. There is no comment to make food, he has also been helped to Buy off-plan foods he is particularly fond of (noodles). Custom-making is good, he is seen as concerned about his appearance. It is somewhat surprising that he had attended any tails in person in court. The health department has had initial daily conversations with him, now it's cut down to 3 times a week, once a nurse, once a general practitioner and a psychiatrist once. They have so far found no signs of severe stress reactions that have been in need of intervention.

Assessment of the log:

I find the quality of the history very well, and believe that this is a good tool to monitor his condition.

In many ways it may seem strange that ABB has shown no signs of despair, depression, sleep disturbance or obvious mood swings. He has certainly tried to use his mental state (self-measured in percent) to negotiate on matters which he wishes to achieve, but has also taken off smoothly.

This I interpret as the custody situation has not yet given him some emotional insight into the pestilent with the actions he has committed. It seems contrary that he still believes that he sometime in the future will be considered as a whole. This I perceive not as signs of psychotic functioning, although in my opinion it's clearly a questionable view on reality. From a prison point of view, care for him undoubtedly easier as long as he retains the grandiose conception, he is basically satisfied with the situation, although it can be boring.

Minutes of the conversation 1 November 2011.

I introduced myself and explained that I was a psychiatrist and director advisor with regard to prisoners who had custodial and psychological problems, and that I would talk to him to hear how he was doing at the moment. I said that I knew The health department also talked with him, but they had a duty of confidentiality, unless it was necessary to share information to give on with the director to avoid serious injury. To this he replied that it was a pleasure to talk to someone who held the national goal alive.

We talked about his daily functioning. He said that the first few weeks were difficult as it was a big transition from being active all the time but now it's okay. He compares the prison with the kindergarten and says you can call on to get the pacifier or bottle (smokeless tobacco or cigarettes). He is concerned with daily exercise, he gets it in the air jet is not so interested in cardio (aerobic exercise on the treadmill). I said this I realized as well, but that he had to prepare for the marathon, and then had to also have the condition. He was more interested in intellectual training, he said that he plays games on the PC, where he builds a city, it was important intellectual stimulation. He would hide more time with your PC. Otherwise, he reads a series of books about different countries' history (?). He has access to the film on DVD in the new TV. He sleeps well and perceive himself as mentally very healthy.

He says he has 15,000 hours of study behind him before he came here, and that he has taken account of these hours. This would indicate academic skills, but he has not had any wish to accredit his knowledge (graduate). He said he has not killed anyone, but executed in connection with the civil war that has been declared in Europe after Bondevik and Vollebaek when NATO went into the Balkans. His operation that he had authorized was intended to convey his manifesto. My remark that it probably was not very text if he could not pass it without such criminal acts; he responds friendly and informative that there's a full blackout with the censorship that takes place in the country. He says that he has given up on everything, his family, friends, freedom to spread the message. He knows that 15% of Norwegian men are fans of what he has done, and that it will increase. He tells how he was several years ago saw it as his task to rescue Europe from the deconstruction and demographic warfare that Muslim stands for.

Mental status:

ABB is interested in friendly conversation with me. He gives apparently good contact, and consider myself enough of equal social class as himself. He explains his ideas thoroughly, there is no evidence of loose associations, illogical speech, reorganization, or latency, in his speech. He uses some foreign words with a slightly different meaning than usual. He is a quiet motor. He seems neither depressed, excited or unstable. Provocation on my part is met with a friendly correction. He seems satisfied. An hour's conversation did not seem to tire him out, he could certainly have had a long talk with me about his political views. In conversation he seemed to project his own opinion on me, he was partly didactic, partly, he told me what he assumed that I meant.

In summary rating:

Based on the department manager's log and personal conversation with ABB, I find that he is in good physical shape. I perceive his deviant statement as an expression of an extreme ideology, not in any way as a psychotic reality. This, however, the forensic psychiatric experts, who have considerably more information about him than me to decide.

We know from history many sects with religious or other ideological base whose members advocate ideas about the world and the hereafter as a few other parts. Such sects can be quite small or involve many people. Although some of these sects can be based on a charismatic leader with delusions and reality bursting experiences, for example, on the basis of epilepsy or transient toxic psychosis, is not it true that all members have delusions in psychiatric terms, or other severe psychopathology. We know that these sects seeking internal affirmation, and for a long time (generations) maintain beliefs that society is not in any parts.

I believe that ABB is within such a system. It is unclear to me whether he has many minded, but he has expressed to me that he has built a lot on the British or rather English movement and not sought contact with the Norwegians with the same ideology, although in According to him, are many thousands of these. As long as he is safe in this universe can be said that he lives in a "bubble", but that he lives reasonably well in this "bubble".

Naturally, this "bubble" burst, but I do not think it will happen soon, if ever. The experience of being isolated in prison have not affected his conviction of having a mission in relation to the entire Nordic indigenous people, a mission we all want to thank him for in a few decades. These three months have not caused any further mental stress after the first few weeks of adaptation. I do not think that the new month corresponding to a residence here will change this. When he eventually gets access to the media, they will be read biased and thereby confirm his own sense of importance, do not give him the objections.

As I wrote in August, I find it likely that if his world view cracks, he will rather be manic psychosis and another mega Loman (megalomaniac) than depressive. This means that he will then motor to be restless and demanding, he we might stop to sleep normally and he will no longer be perceived as quiet and polite. I expect, however, have problems with him. He has made clear message here by the Department G on what he can do and what he can not do. This deal, he politely and easy to. This should continue as hitherto. I can not see that there are no signs of isolation damage at present. It should be noted that ABB enough is very concerned about fellow human beings think of him and that he interprets his own in 'in that he speaks with. This he demonstrated by immediately "make friends" with me and tell me about my bourgeois conservatism, as opposed to his militant conservatism. He has been keen to learn the employee's name. It may come to a situation in which employees feel abused, feel they are given positions of ABB that they have not. This can be prevented by the employees to continue to not talk to him about the matter, and that the guidance on how strange it is to maintain contact over time with such a projecting inmate. ABB is clearly concerned with the image others have of him, and will appear as well-detailed and well-trained (and allegedly hiding in uniform). It may be okay if his appearance is not an issue for the officers, but his need for aeration and aerobic exercise, healthy eating and healthy circadian rhythms.

I can not see the need for more frequent inspections from the health service. The log manager is providing good information about the prison ABB functioning from day to day and from week to week. I do not think one should place too much emphasis on certain days that deviate from the ordinary, it seems to me that he pretty much work stable with slight variations. I do not think that he is suicidal. If my assessment proves to be wrong and he goes into a depressive state, I believe that Department staff will be able to detect this.

Randi Rosenqvist Senior Adviser / psychiatrist