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October 04 2012


Heide, gardener, age 49

Iris, age 67, retired

Road bike Tour from Breclav to Vienna (actually only to Ganserndorf) / Austria

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Do not miss this tour...

Only 80 kilometers on hilly roads against the wind...

We tried to find out, if there is a bike trail along the former 'iron curtain' boarder: 'the green band'

Well, one says on their webpage clearly: 'the green band' is a good idea, which exists more virtual as practical...'

That' s the way it is.

We closed this missing link and enjoyed the tour!

Breclav is a renewed, quite and biker friendly city!

Very much recommended the velo.fata bicycle shop, whereas you may find a wide variety of bicycle collection and other collective items...

We followed the bike trail, which soon ended in a gravel road, for which we have not been prepared.

We passed the little city of Hohenau but changed back to paved roads in order to avoid a flat on gravel.

Passed cities as Jedenspeigen, Durnkrut, Stillfried and Angern.

Heide had many stops in order to collect a rucksack full of walnuts...

We went on train at Ganserndorf in order to avoid to cross the city of Vienna at dawn time...

Nevertheless, the tour was fun, even facing strong head winds.

Enjoy the pictures and details of our tour.

Good luck to our followers.

two worn out bicyclists on the train...: