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The Surgeon Generals's new report on tobacco has found that there is "No Safe Level of Second Hand Smoke." This is a fact for both smokers and non smokers. Check out our documents and resources page for a link to the new report.
The Surgeon General recently released their updated report on tobacco. Click the link below to access the CDC report "How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: What It Means to You"

2/10/11: Amanda and Lynnette from Breathe Easy Wheat Ridge presented and had a lively discussion today with the Kiwanis Club of Lakeside and Wheat Ridge. Amanda is working on scheduling more speaking events. If you know if any groups who would be interested please contact us.
1/10/11: Breathe Easy Wheat Ridge is looking for members! We are a group of Wheat Ridge citizens working to create a healthier Wheat Ridge through strengthening our tobacco ordinances. If you are a Wheat Ridge citizen and you would like to become involved with our grassroots coalition contact us at breatheasywheatridge@gmail.com