Want a Free Massage?

For Teachers, and Educators:
Bring Massage Therapy to your School!
Organize a massage day at your school and receive a gift certificate for a free 1-hour massage, and in addition get a 10 minute chair massage the day of your event for Free! Here is how it works: 

On-site Chair massage events can be very relaxing and enjoyable for you and your co-workers. The job of the organizer is to set up/schedule a day and time for the event,  to promote the event to your co-workers, and have a sign-up sheet available so you and your co-workers can sign up for massage sessions the day of the event. 

To get your gift certificate you must get at least 2 hours worth of massage sign-ups/commitments for the day of the scheduled event (not including your own free 10 minute session). What this means is that enough of your co-workers must sign-up to equal at least 2 hours worth of massage therapy sessions for the day of the event. This could be 4-30 minute sessions 8-15 minutes sessions, 12 - 10min or any combination thereof. Remember you can get an additional discount if more people sign up.  For less than 2 hours of on-site chair massage the rate is $1 per minute; 2-3 hours is 85 cents per minute; and 3 hours or more gets 75 cents per minute.
Price Table

10 min = $10
15 min = $15
20 min = $20
30 min = $30

10 min = $8.50
15 min = $12.75
20 min = $17.00
30 min = $25.50

10 min = $7.50
15 min = $11.25
20 min = $15.00
30 min = $22.50