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Empowering A CommunityI have always used the Key Results Area as a teaching tool, and will use it here to show what it is we have accomplished since March 2012, or the last production our Breaking The Silence Conference. 

By March 2013, we had turned our educational efforts towards making the community its own source of social economic development, no longer did we feel we could depend on others to do what needed to be done..   Not because they did not want to, or see what needed to be done as a priority, but simply because the kind of attention needed to pursue what needed to be done, either did not exist, or was completely unknown to the people responsible for doing something. 

Did not exist due to a need to concentrate on other personal maters, or was unknown due to a lack of research or the results of misguided researched solutions.

So our first Key Results area we will show, is the below community based and designed S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education Summer School

A class on the origin and lifespan of coal

After a neighborhood leader was introduced to the need for inner-city children to be taught S.T.E.M. education, she decided to create a neighborhood based S.T.E.M. education program in a once closed  Neighborhood center, which the city had reopened and the best you could expect to find was a great game of basketball for all age groups.

A class on the value of Food

She felt or had learned that if possible, these children needed to get exposed long before the entered Middle School, but exposed in a way that they would receive the kind of positive experience to make the learning enjoyable.  To do so she refused to accept government money with all of it regulations, which usually ended up using all the funds to hire teachers, and left little for the program itself, and instead used her influence to get neighborhood professionals to give of their time willingly to teach what they knew that would fit into a S.T.E.M. program.

The neighborhood leader Mary Ann Flunder

2 Classroom Teachers

The Superintendent (as she is called) worked out a system where she found (raised money) to pay for operations (over what could not be borrow or received as donated materials), and 3 full time classroom teacher, who were off themselves from their regular school year teaching job, and then used the Science related professionals as daily guest speakers

The 3rd Classroom Teacher

Just for your viewing is a what can't help but be priceless shots of the caliber of scientific testing that the classroom teacher's had the students performing

It was a test to see just how far a (of all things) basketball would bounce once it was dropped from a distance of 3 feet.  You can see the students lining up the ball to be dropped,and

Then dropping it

Then discussing what it was they discovered.

There was a different test going on at each teaching table in the room, and as you can see, at this particular table was no teacher, but the students were completely involved in the test.  I love the Hispanic students working with the group, he couldn't see the floor from where he was sitting, so he ducked under the table for his view of the results (like I said, priceless). 

Can the origin of coal really be this exciting?

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