Created program management support for a 14,000 cell tower deployment for Samsung and Sprint: As part of the logistics team, provided real time tracking of assets and reduced lost materials from $140 million to less than $20 million.

Published a book defining a lean process  for a company to go green (Flippin' Green).  Based on the best available operations research and green technologies, provided a road map for helping companies go green with a positive ROI.  

Created customer support program for global manufacturing company:
A medical device manufacturing company with global presence required the ability to support internal system users with support on all aspects of information technology. The team assessed the existing systems and crafted and implemented a program that ultimately supported 1,500 users on 2 continents.

Created I.T. functions for global manufacturing company: A medical device manufacturing company with global presence had minimal capabilities for managing internal and external I.T. assets. The team replaced the internal systems, hired a team of professionals that delivered I.T. services, along with disaster recovery planning, license management, global telecommunications, as well as strategic planning for both I.T. and corporate.

Evaluated paper battery market potential: An investor with a troubled investment in paper batteries requested assistance in evaluating their long term commitment to a company with a novel technology. The team assessed the opportunity and determined that although there were competing technologies, the management team of the investment had the capacity to bring their product to market and provide positive ROI within a timely manner with minimal additional investment.

Evaluated decade old $20 million investment: An investor with a troubled investment in a 3 product company wanted to know if their investment warranted future investment. The team assessed a multinational corporation in three diverse markets with three diverse product families and concluded that the investment should be halted. The investor agreed and shut down the company.

Created debit card based loyalty system: Pulled together 4 companies that had been struggling for years to bring a debit based loyalty program to market. Restructured the collateral, redefined the web presence, defined and created a prospect list, implemented a sales program, and coordinated the respective players in each company towards a business with revenue expectations of $12 million/year.

Defined a generic approach to national I.D. systems: In response to requests from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and India, working in concert with various public & private officials, defined an implementation strategy, technology, infrastructure and training model which can be scaled for any sized country.

Business plan for enterprise search software: Defined a need in the enterprise search software space, identified and recruited a development team, defined and authored the business plan, marketing plan and financial requirements. Defined software requirements to provide a “universal connector” between search engines and databases and filed a provisional patent to protect novel elements of the approach. Market potential in excess of $50 million/year.

Created a company for home toxicity testing: Defined a gap in the toxicity testing space. Developed core spectroscopic technology. Developed business plan and marketing plan. Acquired technology partners and initial sales strategy. Market potential in excess of $100 million/year.

Executed due diligence on specialized smart card technology: Evaluated a prototype biometric smart card for marketability. Identified key weaknesses in the technology, especially the internal recognition timing and identified alternative more robust solutions. Defined alternative solutions and cost targets. Identified strategic partners.
Defined pain management technology. Utilizing thermoelectric cooling technology, identified and prototyped a battery powered cooler/heater for localized pain relief. Identified market potential, distribution channels, and product development strategy and budget.

Executed due diligence on a novel advertising system: As part of a strategic partnership evaluation, reviewed a web presence approach to provide advertising through local school systems. The approach permitted generic advertising to be generated from any school website without violating the no-advertising restrictions of schools. Recommended against the partnership based on management issues.