SEIZURES DURING: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

My adult son had his first seizure during the birth scene of Breaking Dawn. He is not at all squeamish, and has enjoyed many scary and gory films. We believe his case, and other reported cases, are examples of photosensitive seizures (see this link and also this link), brought on by the flashing lights in the scene.

My hope is that others will use this simple form (without making email addresses or other information public), to add to this list and help determine whether this scene is a significant health risk. Knowledge about how many people have had seizures during this scene will help determine how sensitive the affected people are, and what kinds of medical workup and interventions might be needed for them. If very few people have been affected, they must be very sensitive. If many people have been affected, then this would lead to the opposite conclusion.

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