Introducing our Flagship Project:

   The brainchild of designer Michael Herrera, Character Quest, is a single player, 3D turn-based Roleplaying Adventure game being developed for the PC on the Unity 3d game engine that follows the exploits of Timmy as he explores the game world his father has created for him. 

    Set in a medieval fantasy world, the game has three major quest lines and emphasizes exploration, strategy, puzzle solving, and resource management. With three successively unlockable levels of difficulty and a beginning tutorial, Players have 20 characters with which to interact and a similar number of enemy attacks to repel using an innovative confrontation system that is symbol based.

Want more? Add to that awesome particle effects, a reputation system, engaging dialogue, buried treasure, hidden locales... and in a nutshell you have
Character Quest

What's New

  • Created a new page showing, Timmy, the main playable character.

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