We, at BreadRoot Farm, work toward sustainable agriculture, environmental responsibility and working in harmony with nature by developing and promoting organic practices and involving ourselves in groups that promote these values.

We believe in constantly challenging ourselves with new ideas and value ongoing learning for ourselves as individuals and in partnership.  BreadRoot Farm values passing on knowledge to future generations of stewards.  We value time spent with family, friends and each other in companionship and celebration.  We aim to produce our own food and produce food for our local community, as well as to engage organic buyers both locally and further afield.

At BreadRoot Farm, we:

  • grow organic grain
  • raise organic beef cattle using Holistic Management strategies
  • use methods of production which increase grass, bio-diversity and fertility, protect wildlife and wetlands
  • integrate livestock into the grain operation to create a sustainable cycle of nutrients from soil to grain to livestock and back to soil
  • explore and learn new skills
  • welcome and nurture partner/mentor relationships
  • regularly engage with our community in celebration, ritual and learning experience
Our vision
We wish to live
  •  in a vibrant community made up of a balance of young and mature families engaged in organic, sustainable living and farming
  • where there are abundant natural resources including productive land with areas set aside for wildlife habitat
  • where there are healthy water, mineral and energy cycles throughout
  • where a land legacies system is in place to ensure access to land resources for future generations
  • where mentoring is ongoing and knowledge is shared from generation to generation.