Pullman or loaf bread

The most difficult thing about baking pullman or tasty bread as it is commonly called in the Philippines is the baking part, you can use any kind of recipe that fancies you, use eggs if you want to, butter or any kind of fat, milk or without milk, anything really. The problem is in the baking part.


10 years ago, i had a student, Dolly who attended a baking session somewhere in Makati hoping they could start making their own loaves just in time for Christmas. What they did not do is actually ask the instructor how to bake the loaves properly, how to calculate the amount of the dough versus the size of the baking molds or pans etc.,

They simply mixed the dough, divided them into the molds that they have and baked them. The result is a devastating mess, all 18 molds, about 5 kilograms of flour wasted because the dough simply broke out of the molds and burst the pan in the process.

 What they forgot to learn is that the amount or weight of the dough is determined by the size of the pan, if, get this, if the molds are baked with the lids on, meaning the finished product will have that smooth square boxed surface. Putting an incorrect amount of dough in the pan will either produce loaves that are full of holes and irregularly shaped, and loaves that will flow over the molds. Whether you like it or not, the dough will go out somewhere, if the lids have holes on top, you will see them oozing out during baking.

The dough is proofing inside the pan, you would need at least 5-6 trials to perfect how much dough to put inside your loaf pan if you intend to have a smooth square finish. Patience is a virtue, it took me quite a while to get this right, this is why i seldom change the kind of baking molds to use when i make my loaf breads. If this is too cumbersome, opt to remove the lids instead and just bake them. The rule of the thumb is that the dough should at least proof 3 times its height when baking loaf breads. 

     The finished product, the dough did not burst on the sides, if there is as much as an excess of even 20 grams in this pan, the dough will come out through any openings. It is important that you unmold the loaves as soon as possible.Problems unmolding the loaves? Yeah, me too. 

In the photo above, i used the pullman dough to make pan de coco, (half of the recipe).