Bread & Roses Blog

June 2011 

Anne L., the Volunteer Coordinator from Christ Church in Andover, created a brochure to share with her fellow parishioners, as well as with the staff of B&R.  For this blog entry, we included a section of Anne's brochure.  

A  Volunteer’s 1st Experience…

I drive into Lawrence looking for 58 Newbury Street, expecting a facility that can house 150 people for dinner.  

It’s 4:15 as I turn the corner and see a row house with a short line of people in front of it.  “Can this be it?” I knock on a locked door and everything changes quickly.

 A quiet, humble man sits at a table; he stands, smiles  and introduces himself, Bob Lanzoni,  Bread & Roses Director.  His only advice, “don’t worry, you can’t get fired from this job.”

In less than 5 minutes, I feel welcomed and part of the Bread & Roses family.  Kathy, our coordinator, gently guides us through what needs to be done for our first seating - the doors open at 5:00PM. 

The evening brings so much:

-   Love & gratitude, for the ability to know and serve this community

-   Comradery, with volunteers from Christ Church and many other new  friends

~Anne L. 


May 2011

During the last entry, we mentioned that the fully functional medical examination room was complete!  We are pleased to report that in the past 5 months, the room has been utilized on a weekly basis by our guests and community partners from the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center.  

Between February and April, the Prevention and Education Department from the GLFHC, conducted 10 outreach sessions at Bread and Roses.  Their primary goal is to provide services to "individuals at high-risk for contracting HIV and other communicable diseases." 

So far, the program has reached many of our community members, including 175 high-risk individuals !  Here are some of the other program statistics: 

  • 35 of the 175 high risk clients were referred to individual sessions for risk reduction counseling and STI screening services
  • 250 educational pamphlets distributed
  • 200 sharps containers distributed
  • 1200 male condoms and 75 female condoms distributed

We are so pleased that the program has been successful and beneficial to our community members.  Thank you GLFHC!



Dec 2010

It was a busy week last week, culminating with the Dec. 2 picture taking day. This is a holiday present we provide to our guests, free photos of families and friends as keepsakes or gifts. We announce the day at our dinner gatherings and an amazing number of people turn out every year. We are grateful to the O’Connor picture company and Lee and Paula Bradbard, who took 170 photos and made it possible for our guests to have something to share with others.

Quite possibly the highlight of our year, we had a very successful opening of the medical room, too, where our volunteer doctor is finally able to perform a number of minor procedures normally done at the clinic.

It all started with a call – as these opportunities often do – from donor Nancy Clover, who runs Occupational Health Connections. She had access to a medical office about to be torn down and told us we could have an entire doctor’s office setup: an EKG machine, defibrillator, blood pressure equipment, an examining table and ancillary stuff. Everything at no cost to us.

Nancy called on a Thursday to advise we would have to pick up the equipment on Friday because the building would be razed on Saturday. We had to move fast.

We found a mover willing to do it within the 24-hour period and they charged us a minimal amount of money because of who we are. Volunteers came in at short notice to assist movers to carry the equipment into Bread & Roses and up to the second floor.

We knocked down walls and reset the room, designating the new space as a medical room only.

Our medical room has arrived! Soon you’ll see cotton balls, unexpired OTC medications, antiseptics, bandages and sterile pads on our request list!


October 2010

October 2010 Marked 30 Years of Bread & Roses Serving the Greater Lawrence Community.  We celebrated by hosting an event at Chester's (60 Island Street, Lawrence) to thank our dedicated volunteers.