Brief History of Blikkiesdorp Community

About us:

Founder Bern De Kock and the CEO & Administrator Ashley M. Samuels was stirred with a passion so great that  Ashley M. Samuels started their own Non-Profit Organization namely Bread 4 Life 4 March,2012 in Symphony Way T.R.A.Delft,Cape Town, South Africa, nicknamed Blikkiesdorp/Tin Town, We believed that with our knowledge and capability and the help and support of you great loving people like yourselves we could make Bread 4 Life 4 Change a success  to care and help the Less Fortunate of our communities.


Dear Sir / Madam

We are residents of Symphony Way T.R.A. Delft (Blikkiesdorp) and we are busy with a huge project for the underprivileged people of Symphony Way T.R.A. Delft (Blikkiesdorp), and we were hoping if you can or any of your contact(s) to assist us with a small donation. Such as food, used clothing, toys or any household items to distribute to the needy of Blikkiesdorp. 

There are about 25,000 people here and about 80% of them are unemployed. Our aim is to feed this community and to distribute the food to the most UNDERPRIVILEGED people. We also want to UPLIFT this community by opening a SKILL DEVELOPING CENTRE, HEALTH, SOCIAL, AGRICULTURE and EDUCATIONAL, but at this point in time my partner and I are helping the needy through small donations that we receive from our contacts, with your help no matter how big or small it will be appreciated and will make huge difference.

We are inviting you to Symphony Way T.R.A. to come and see for yourself, the living conditions and the circumstances the people are living in. Poverty is so huge in this area that our hearts go out to the community just to think there is no support from  the government or any NPO'S, some of the community did not even have some thing to eat on Christmas day due to the lack of unemployment and trade skills.

To  us this is not only going to be when it is  festive seasons, but an ongoing mission that will not have an ending, so If you do come we will make it our priority to take you on a tour in Symphony Way T.R.A. (Blikkiesdorp)

Greetings hope to see you soon.

God Bless                                                  Contact No’s  

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