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I met Adelard Blackman when I was a student. His unusual story inspired me to write and direct a documentary about his current life and how he is helping the Buffalo River Dene Nation.

After securing a camera and a microphone, Adelard invited me to Buffalo River and the adventure began. This trailer represents a preview of a documentary I am currently producing in France.

It's a long way to go, but like Adelard says, "Life is good."

-Jacques Santiago Avalos, director

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And the Rivers Flow: Hunting and Treaty Rights in a First Nations Community

Official Selection:
Religion, Nature, and Culture Conference - 2006

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And the Rivers Flow tells the story of the Buffalo River Dene Nation, a First Nation located in Saskatchewan, Canada, and their current legal battle with the government of Canada. In 1994, when two hunters were arrested for trespassing and illegally hunting within a government-controlled facility, the community of Buffalo River rose to the defense of the hunters. Band elders asserted that the land in question was part of their traditional lands and the treaty signed with Canada in 1906 gave them the right to use that area. Through a series of cases and appeals, a guilty verdict was finally handed down by the Canadian legal system. Determined to clear the name of the hunters, the Buffalo River Dene Nation is now attempting to charge Canada in the International Court of Justice with the breaking of their 100 year-old treaty.


The film also gives viewers an opportunity to travel along with two Dene hunters on a late-summer moose hunt. Through these scenes, viewers will experience the beauty of northern Saskatchewan and will gain a greater appreciation for the patience and determination needed to guarantee a well-fed autumn for one’s family. These scenes, along with interviews with elders, band leaders, and others in the community, tell of the challenges of keeping one aspect of traditional culture alive in the face of encroaching development and assimilation.


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 Logging and the Buffalo River Dene Nation

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The Buffalo River Dene Nation’s traditional lands are comprised of some of the most timber-rich areas in the world. The process of highly mechanized logging creates disruption to the natural world and affects migration patterns and living conditions for many different kinds of animals. This, in turn, affects the people of Buffalo River – many of whom rely on the natural world for aspects of survival.


This video quickly shows the areas of logging within the Buffalo River Dene Nation’s traditional lands and the effect logging has had on the environment. This video was used to argue for fairer monetary compensation for the people of Buffalo River.