Our associates are part of a network of senior professionals in fields related to our practice.  We work with them on a project-by-project basis.

They include:
  • China and technology: Jian Pei, professional engineer, CEO and entrepreneur.
  • Business plans, risk management, ICT: Richard Nowak, architect, business advisor, senior manager.
  • Coaching and mentoring. Lynn Bennett, Leadership Intelligence Inc.; Catherine Mossop, Sage Mentors Inc.
  • Investment professionals: James Meltzer, Richardson GMP; various Exempt market Dealers and investment banks.  
  • Public relations and Investor relations: Mia Pearson, North Strategic; others.  
  • Management consulting: a number firms and practitioners from coast to coast in the fields of marketing, business development, project management and governance: www.cmc-canada.ca.
  • Tax, accounting and financial management: The Frouin Group; a number of national and regional firms.
  • Legal: Gowling Henderson; Labarge Weinstein