* Jazzy Choro Quartet

Jazzy Choro Quintet


Morgana Moreno (BR) – flute
Marcelo Rosario (BR) – 7string guitar
Marijn van der Linden (NL) – cavaquinho

Udo Demandt (D) - percussion


A totally new group, but with tons of experience. This international group of musicians play Brazilian Choros. Choro is the first Brazilian musical style, mother of Samba and known as “Brazilian Jazz”. Morgana, Marcelo, Udo and Marijn already know eachother from the Brazilian Music school EPM Holanda and Codarts Conservatory where they are all teaching. 


Choro become one of the most prestigious national genres of popular music, recognized excellence and refinement. Improvisation and virtuosity are key hallmarks of Choro and just like Jazz melds formalized structures seamlessly with cultural elements from all over the world. 


Morgana Moreno (BR) www.morganamoreno.com

Flutist and composer, born in (*1990) Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Though young, the musician already stands out for her authenticity, own language in construction of melodies and improvisation as well as her expressive sound, results of her contact with different musical styles such as Choro Music and Brazilian genres, Classical, Jazz and Improvised Music.


Marijn van der Linden (NL) www.brazzjazz.com

Musician, composer and arranger. In 2012 he founded the Escola Portátil de Música Holanda in Rotterdam, a unique musicschool specialized in Brazilian choro and samba, which is the first company of EPM (Rio de Janeiro) outside of Brazil. His passion is Brazilian music, especially choro and samba, and plays cavaquinho and violão 7 cordas (7string guitar). Marijn studied jazz improvisation at the conservatory of Tilburg.

Marcelo Rosario (BR)

Extremely versatile already at a young age, playing the piano, bass, percussion and cavaquinho, before deciding to play the guitar, at age 15. At still a young age, he became a specialist in Brazilian music, focusing on Samba, Choro Music and typical Brazilian 7-string guitar. In 2013 he won the 1st prize at the International Competition Leopold Bellan in Paris, in duo with Morgana Moreno. Currently he study World Music at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory).

Udo Demandt  (D) http://www.udodemandt.com

He grew up in a family of music lovers and started playing the drums at the age of eight. He studied world music at Codarts and has been on study trips to Brasil, Santiago de Cuba, Istanbul and Andalucía (Spain). Since 1997 he has performed throughout Europe and collaborated on tours in Africa and Asia with various groups (flamenco, samba, afro, latin-jazz). His versatility and extraordinary musical talents have made him a very well-known percussionist in the Netherlands and beyond.