photo by Carlos Breton

Guitarist and composer Marijn van der Linden started the group QBOA during his study improvisation at the Fontys conservatory of Tilburg in the Netherlands, the place where he also met drummer Jonas Linnemann . They both graduated in 2005 and played with QBOA many performances in Europe in different settings. The repertoire consists mainly of own compositions, and can be described as latin and Brazilian jazz with african and pop influences. Their music is energetic, groovy, warm and expressive, especially live you can experience their energy.

After their former bassplayer and saxophone player left Europe to another continent, dutch bass player Jeroen van der Ley joined the group as also the Brazilian Rafael Pereira Lima on alto saxophone, both graduated master studies at conservatory in the Netherlands.

From warm Brazilian bossa nova till explosive samba’s and expressive jazzfunk, for listeners and for dancers!


QBOA consists of:

Marijn van der Linden – guitars and cavaquinho

Jeroen van der Ley – bass

Jonas Linnemann – drums and percussion

Rafael Pereira Lima – sax alto